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The Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen Business School
Module Title: News Writing – BSm129
Course Work 1
38100173990One 350 to 400 word hard human interest news story and 500- word research log and critical reflection.

00One 350 to 400 word hard human interest news story and 500- word research log and critical reflection.

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Restaurant searches for owner of missing letter from ‘DADDY’
THE SEARCH is on for the owner of a missing letter from ‘daddy’, that never made home.

The envelope bearing the instructions ‘to be opened only after my passing ‘and signed ‘love daddy’ has remained unopened since it was found Aberdeen restaurant table last few months.

Nargile Restaurant manager Azra Adam who has looked for the envelope since it was discovered, has now appealed to the public online in the hope of finding the owner.

“We found it on the table where a younger lady with a baby, and an older lady were siting for lunch,” Mr. Azra said.

“They left and the next person to sit at the table found the envelope, “he said.

Expecting the owner of the envelope to notice the missing treasure and return Mr. Azra waited.

However a week later the precious enveloped remains unclaimed.

“Obviously it is important so we have been looking after it, when no one called we decided to go public, “he said.
“We are a little upset for the person it was meant for, we just need to get it back to the children of the letter writer, wherever they are.”
The yellow A4 envelope lists the first and last names of the owners, we can make sure it gets home, “he said.

The opened envelope is relatively light, and is believed to contain letter no longer than few pages.

“Nothing as important as this usually they do get claimed, “Mr. Azra said.

“It is usually just the old sunglasses, the wallet or car keys, but people come back to grab them pretty quickly. ”
“We hope that someday the children of the owner of the letters shows up, “Mr. Azra said.

“We have decided to report this to the police due to the owner or the family members of the letter haven’t showed up.

“We have a few visitors come from Aberdeen shire, or they could be locals, we just hope they realize it is missing so we can give the letter back, ‘he said.


On the 26th of September 2018, I went into Nargile restaurant in Aberdeen to eat as I was ordering my meal I got into a discussion with the waiter who told me about a situation at hand of the search of a missing letter as soon as I heard it, it caught my attention because is really important for the letter to get to the owner, who knows the content of the letter and emotional trauma it may cause on the children.
I requested to see the manger in order to follow up the story which you can find on page 2and 3. What will you do if you find someone’s letter in your possession? When you come across a letter that isn’t meant for you in your possession as a missing letter or any item it can be annoying especially when there is no address but only the name of the owner of the letter. A letter is very important if someone loses it, it affects mostly the receiver this can be related when someone loses his wallet which is a valuable item in which most of the people carry things that are more essential and important that than money towards daily life. If someone loses that portable safe of his, then he may be disturbed for the rest of the day because maybe there is something in the wallet which is a great value to him.
It goes to the missing letter, whoever is holding it does not have the right to open the letter is considered an offence. If you find something in a public place, you must take it to the police or the lost property office in the local commune.
What do you think is the content of the letter? I think that is a suicide note because the letter is bearing the instructions to be opened after my passing. Thanks to movies and TV shows, many people believe that suicide notes are common, and that such notes provides answers to tormenting questions. The effects of suicidal behavior or completed suicide on family members are often devastating. Individuals who lose their loved one to suicide are more at risk for becoming preoccupied with the reason for the suicide while wanting to deny or hide the cause of death, wondering if they could have prevented it , feeling blamed for the problems that preceded the suicide , feeling rejected by their loved one.
Warning signs that an individual is imminently planning to kill themselves may include the person making a will, otherwise getting his or her affairs in order, suddenly visiting friends or family members one last time , buying instruments of suicide like gun , hose , rope , pills or other forms of medications or writing a suicide note. Many people who complete suicide do not tell their therapist or any other mental health professional they plan to kill themselves in the months before they do so. Individual who take their lives tend to suffer from severe anxiety or depression. Although the missing letter haven’t been claimed to know actually if it is a suicide note.


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