Legal obligations Essay

Originally the plants were brought over for practical purposes such as forestry so that our indigenous trees didn’t have to be used. They grow really fast in our environment because there is no environmental resistance such as insects, disease ND animals that stop them from spreading in their own environment.Although all of them are not that bad because they don’t grow as rapidly, some are really a problem in our environment. -IMPACT: They use a lot of water which affects us as humans as well because we need that water for ourselves.

They destroy indigenous plant life by stealing the water supply and the nutrients from the soil. They cause more forest fires than what bonbons needs destroying more plants which leads to soil erosion because then the plants don’t hold he soil together anymore.They also lead to soil becoming unusable because of rapid growth, all those trees take the same mineral which then destroys the quality of the soil. Some animals and insects that eat that specific indigenous plant that is being destroyed, might become extinct. -SOLUTIONS We need to look for invading alien plantation in our neighborhoods and cut them down.

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We also need to ask family, friends and neighbors to do the same. We need to plant indigenous plants and trees in our own gardens. “The NationalEnvironmental Management: Biodiversity Act (Act No 10 of 2004) (MEN:BAA) also has a chapter dealing with alien species and invasive species, which is relevant to this subject. The regulations in terms of this chapter have, however, not been finalized, and as a result t this chapter cannot be implemented yet. ” – A C LEN. This snows that the government is trying to do something about the problem at hand. The cutting down of Tokyo forest that sir told us about this year is part of a plan to cut down all pine trees in Cecilia and ILL news – ‘broad-brush’ plan to cut down all pine trees ARC LEN – legal obligations regarding invasive alien plants in South Africa Landward South Africa – invading alien plants Invasive alien plants in South Africa – Cabinet Reference Invasive Alien Species in Southern Africa – City of Cape Town The origins and history of The Company’s Garden – City of Cape Town There is a plaque in Grand West about the origins about the origins of the company gardens swell


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