Lesson Plan in Biology Essay

Objectives By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1. Identify the basic structures within a cell and their respective functions. 2. Label the parts of a cell. 3. Appreciate the importance of various cell organelles. Al.

SubJect Matter Topic: The Different Parts of a Cell Reference: Integrative Science- Join M. Albacore up. 14-15 Ill. Procedure A. Routine Activities Teacher’s Activity -Requesting everyone to please stand for our -Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy prayer. Rhea, please lead.

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Spirit as it was in the shall be world without end. Beginning and now and everAmen. -Good Morning Class! B.

Review …

. Amen -Good Morning Teacher. -Who can say something about cell? Yes Joy? -Cell is the smallest unit of life. What cell theory did you remember Ana? -The cell theory that I remembered is… C. Motivation -Let us sing an action song, “Mega Babbage Eng Catalan”.

-Aka ay may lo, Sing….. – Aka ay may lo an asking ganglia an asking Ganglia xx Salaams as Macaulay Aka ay may balalaika an asking ganglia an asking (Baby;nag) (Thou) (Pea) -Aka ay may lo, may balalaika, may baying, may May thou, may pea an asking ganglia asking Ganglia xx Salaams as Macaulay.

-Did you enjoy singing? -Yes Teacher.What are the parts that were mentioned in the action song? Yes Kim? -Lo or Head Teacher -Another? -What else? -Next? -And? -Balalaika or Shoulder teacher -Baby;nag or Hips teacher -Thou or Knee teacher -Pea or Feet teacher -Very Good! In the song, the parts of a body were mentioned. D Lesson Proper -If our body has several parts, a cell has also its different parts.

-Who can enumerate the 3 major parts of -The three major parts off cell are cell membrane, a cell? Yes Mina? -Very Good! Cells are like factories. They are made up of structures each having specific function. -In this illustration, where is the cell Nucleus and Cytoplasm. Membrane? Yes Diana? -Here cheer.

-And what is the function of a cell exit of membrane? Ante? -Yes. Very Good! In a factory, cell -The cell membrane controls the entry and materials across the cell. Membrane is like the security guard who ensures that the right transactions are done in the company. -How about this part? What do you call -That is the nucleus teacher. This? Yes -Yes.

Very Good! And what is the -The nucleus controls all activities of the cell. Function of the nucleus? Yes, May? -Yes. Very Good.

Like the manager in a factory, the nucleus controls all activities of the cell. -And lastly, where is the cytoplasm in thisIllustration, who can point? Yes Sam? -What is the function of cytoplasm? Yes Early? -It nourishes the other parts of the cell. -Yes. Correct. So therefore, the cytoplasm represents the workforce of a factory.

It includes the production, packaging and warehouse departments. -Why do you think we need to study the -It is very important in order to appreciate its basic parts of the cell? Functions. -Did you understand class? -Yes teacher. E. Exercises Label the parts of a cell and give its functions. IV. Evaluation Enumerate tallest 5 organelles and give its functions.

V Assignment Study the structures of Plant and Animal Cells.


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