Lesson Plan Interpretation Essay

Good afternoon,everyone. It’s my pleasure to interpret my lesson here today.

The lesson plan I am going to talk about is the part 1a-3c of section B in unit 2:Is this your pencil? I’ll explain it in the following 6 aspects: the theoretical basis, understanding of the teaching material, teaching methods and aids, teaching procedure, blackboard work and my own evaluation.I.The theoretical basisFirst, I’d like to show my theoretical basis—-3P modern. As we all knowen, 3P means Presentation, Practice and Production. This part is mainly about speaking. So according to the 3P modern, teacher should introduce the new language items including grammer, sentence pattern, function and the speaking skills etc by explaining , giving an example and performance to student in the Presentation step.

Then in the Practice step, teacher should gives many chances for students to use the knowledge and skill learned. This step can consolidate the understanding and memory and give the basis of free production. At last, teacher designs the communication activities for students to make the new and old knowledge together, in order to enable them to communicate freely.Secondly, in this unit Ss should learn to write Lost and Found in simple words and sentence. But for my Ss, they have learned English just for a short time. Writing is vey difficult for them. So, I’ll use the Controlled writing to teach writing.

I’ll analyze model essay, explain the skill, then ask Ss to writing by imitation. Only by this way, Ss can complete the writing task.II. Understanding of the teaching materialMy understanding of the teaching material includes 4 parts: the feature of the teaching book, the key points, the difficulties and teahing objectives. I’ll not talk about them separately.

1.The new English teaching material is combined with the feature of American English and Chinese teaching theory, to force Ss to learn English by using English thinking and creat a atmosphere of learning English. The content of every unit comes from Ss’ life and study, so it is very pratical.

Then the vocabulary of this book is very large.2.This lesson includes many types, like listening, speaking and writing. In order to fulfill the learningtask of this lesson, I make out the following objectives:a) Knowledge objectives:Ss should be able to master some new words such as watch, ring, notebook etc.

Then Ss should master the expressions and sentence parrtens learned in this unit such as “Is this/that your/his/her …; How do you spell it?etc”further.b) Ability objectives:This lesson request Ss be able to write Lost and Found. So another aim of the lesson is improveSs’writing ability. For more, I’ll train Ss’speaking and listening ability in this lesson.c) Moral objectives:This lesson teaches Ss should find the owners when they pick up somethings.

And Ss can learnto cherish their things from the lesson.3.The teaching difficulties is enable Ss to master how to write Lost and Found.III. Teaching methods and aidsNow let’s focus on the teaching methods and aids.

Generally speaking, I’ll adopt the 3P modern to improve Ss’ abilities. And in the writing step, the Controlled writing will be used.I’ll use a recorder, some real things such as watch, ring, notebook etc, some pictures and sildes as my teaching aids.

IV. Teaching procedureHere comes the most important part, my teaching procedure, it includes ten steps: StepI: Revision, StepII: Learn the new words and do the part 1a, StepIII: Do the pairwork in the part 1b, StepIV: Do the part 2a and 2b, StepV: Do the pairwork in the part 2c, StepVI: Presentation, StepVII: Do the part 3a, StepVIII: Do the part 3b, StepIX : Do the part 3c, StepX : Homework.StepI: Revision (6 mins)It will cost 6 mintues. First I’ll ask Ss to sing the alphabet song to make them have a good attention. Then I’ll review the sentence patterns and words learned in the unit by making some short dialogues with 3 Ss or the whole class. At last, I’ll play the game of finding the owner not only to consolidate the knowledge learned last week but also arouse Ss’ interestings.StepII: Learn the new words and do the part 1a (10 mins)It will cost 12 mintues.

First I’ll use some real things such as watch, ring etc to ask Ss some questions like “What’s this?”, in order to teach the new words. After reading after me, I’ll ask some Ss to consolidate the news words. The step of learning new words will cost 10 minutes. Secondly, I’ll give Ss 1 minute to do the part 1a and use 1 minute to check the answer by asking one student.

StepIII: Do the pairwork in the part 1b (4mins)It will cost 4 mintues. First I’ll make the dialogue in this part with a student to give an example.Then it’s time for Ss to practice the dialogues in pairs for 1 minute. At last, I’ll asks 4 pairs to act the dialogues. This step can develop Ss’speaking ability.StepIV: Do the part 2a and 2b (5mins)This part is a listening part.

So it can develop Ss’ listening ability. It will cost 5 minutes. In this step, I’ll let Ss listen for several times, in order to get the information steply.

This way is suit for the level of the Ss.At the beginning of work, I will explain the request of this part. This is very necessary.First I’ll ask Ss to listen only to be familiar with the content.

Secondly, Ss should listen and do this part for 1 minute. After this, ask one student to tell her answer and check the answer. Then it’s time to do the next part. After 1 minute of doing, I’ll check the answer.StepV: Do the pairwork in the part 2c (4mins)It will cost 4 minutes. First I’ll tell Ss how to do this part. Then I will give them 1 minute to do the pairwork in this part.

When they are practicing, I’ll move around and check the process. Finally I’ll ask 3 pairs to act the dialogues for 2 minutes.This step is designed for developing Ss’oral English. So Ss should be the master of the class.

Teacher should let Ss speak more, act more.StepVI: Presentation (1min)In this step, I’ll show two bulletin boards on slide and ask Ss to guess what do they mean. By this way, I’ll lead in the next part.Found: A red key. Lost:Is this your key? My blue pen.Please call Qu Ying at 62315215. My name is Wing.Please call 62301876.

StepVII: Do the part 3a (8mins)It will cost 8 minutes. First I’ll ask Ss to circle the words from 1a. Secondly I’ll use very short time to ask the whole student to read the circiled words together. Thirdly, it’s time to do the groupwork. I will ask 4 Ss for a group to circle their unknown words and discuss. This step will cost 2 minutes.

Then after discussion, I’ll explain the difficulties and ask Ss to read and learn the new words. And I’ll show a chant on a slide and ask them to fill it according to this part. In this step, I’ll let one student to write on the slide. After 1 minute, I will show the slide and check the answer together.

This one can help Ss understand the Lost and Found better.FoundLostNameThingNameThingStepVIII: Do the part 3b (3.5mins)It will cost about 3.5 minutes. At the beginning, I’ll explain how to do this part. Then I’ll use 1.5 minutes to ask Ss to do and check the answer.

After this, I’ll ask Ss to guess the meaning of “a set of keys”. Teacher can use the method of contrasting between a key and a set of keys. In the following time, Ss will learn the phrase on Bb.StepIX : Do the part 3c (3mins)It will cost about 3 minutes.

First I will tell Ss how to write Lost and Found by analyze the model essay. Then I’ll give 2 minutes to write the Lost and Found. If anyone hasn’t finished the writing, he can do it after class. In the period of writing, I will move and check the process.StepX : Homework (0.

5min)1) Do the part 3c2) Copy the new words for three times.V. Blackboard workThere are the new words of this lesson.

All the words have the phonetic symbols. At the bottom of right, there are two phrases “call Sb” and “school ID card”.VI. My own evaluationAdvantage: In this lesson, there are many new words. For the Ss, how to master so many vocabulary is a difficulty. And the vocabulary is the basis of communication. So I pay more attention on the teaching of new words.

I use real things to make Ss be more familiar with the new words and have a direct connection with the words. By dirlling the dialogues, Ss can master the words and sentence patterns futher. Secondly, I use a chant for Ss to fill in the part 3a. This can help Ss understand the Lost and Found further?better.Disadvantage: In this lesson, Ss should learn to write Lost and Found. For these Ss, their English level is not very high. So I should pay more attention on teaching writing.

The time of this part is too short. Ss can’t master this very well. The anticipative result can’t reach. I should analyze the model essay futher and explain more writing rules.


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