Let Us Go to the Future of Malaysia Essay

Have you ever imagine what Malaysia will be or what human life will be in the next 50 years? I believe it will be totally different from now. In the recent times, there are many changes, inventions and advances have emerged. I think the travel, healthcare and working will probably change the most and bring a great impact to the people’s lives. Travel is always a good topic that people will not weary of especially during the holidays. Everyone can travel now no matter in their own country or to the foreign countries but they still cannot travel to other planets.

Therefore, in the next 50 years, people are likely to travel to other planets without all of the training and skills. They might have their holidays and do the research on the planets. Besides, petrol and oil will probably run out in the future. Flying cars that only need the solar energy or hydrogen gas which does not pollute the environment as fuels will almost certainly be invented. This will probably give a better environment which is less polluted for the people. In the next half century, I believe there will almost certainly have a great breakthrough in health care.

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Doctors will probably find cures for those diseases which cannot be treated today such as AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease and cancers. The skills, techniques and advances which are used in surgery will definitely increase and well equipped. For those disabled patients or people who are injured in car accidents, their disability in doing exercises or routine works will not be a problem anymore because the artificial parts of body are likely to be used to replace the damaged organs and limbs. This will probably help more and more people to have healthier, enjoyable and longer lives. Nowadays, technology is developed in a very fast speed.

We all have heard an expression, “In the blink of an eye, everything changed. ” I think this is a good expression to describe the technology of Malaysia in the 21st century. I am sure the Internet will be used regularly by everyone. People will probably do not need to work in the office or other working places but in their home. Robots and machines will probably be invented to do the boring and trivial tasks such as keeping our house tidy and cooking. All we have to do is to improve our innovative and creative skills which are important to program a computer or other devices.

People will definitely become less stressful and less exhausted because they only need to focus on technology and do their work at home. However, I feel this will almost certainly lead to a social problem – laziness. The future of Malaysia is still an unknown because there are too many possibilities to account for. I believe it will be completely different country which brings lots of advantages to people in the period of 50 years. It is fun and exciting to see if my predictions come true. I really hope they do.


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