Letter to Heathcliff from Isabella (Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte) Essay

How are you, I hope that your unwell. There is a question in my mind, do you want everyone to celebrate you absence and wish that you’d be dead soon?

For your kind information everyone includes me. I know that it is quite mean and stone-hearted to do such a thing to a human but you’re not a human and I do not have a heart to be polite. Actually if I speak the truth then I do have a heart but it’s pinched by you hence it only tells a mean thing.

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You know your nothing but a mad lover, who knows nothing besides hatred. I know that Catherine was blind like me to have fallen for you, but she realized it early and had my brother beside her. You know I still remember the times you were away, Catherine used be flourished of happiness. Your arrival caused her death; you must know that you are a murderer.

Oh! You who portray yourself the master of the Heights, there are an advice for you stop avenging others and go her grave, bury yourself in. Her dead soul may start loving you by seeing your sacrifice. Heathcliff, you have given me so much pain, just do me this favour and I shall forgive and pray that you and Catherine are together in hell.

You shall forget that I ever loved you, and I threw your ring you shall get another one if you want me back. And remember you are not going to get my child; you’re not being a father. Oh! I thank Lord that such an evil creature like you were not blessed with parents.

I shall have happiness only by seeing you dead as I won’t have those evil eyes gazing my way. Truly to say you have given me nothing but tears, joy is out of question.


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