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The Adamson University (AdU) is one of the fastest growing institutions that provide the highest quality service in information technology that is responsive and meets the technological needs and computerization requirements of the academic community, non-academic, and the various administrative offices in the University. The Information Technology Center that is responsible for the supervision of computing facilities had introduced online enrollment in order to provide students convenient services in process their enrollment.The online enrollment was implemented abruptly by the administration with the supervision of ITC. However, majority of students are complaining because the online enrollment does not promote convenience. The ITC admitted that they did not anticipate that there will be bugs and glitches in the system. The Adamson Learning Management System or the site responsible for online enrollment was down for 1-2 days because it crashed due to overloading of accounts logging at the time when the online enrollment opens.The problems as reported by the facilitators are because of lack of preparedness and consultation to the students.

The study will be aligned to the perception of the students of Adamson University, particularly the students of Social Sciences. As a student, enrollment system is important as it the one that assess the students, determine what subject to enroll, what subjects are still enroll-able, what time is the subject to be enrolled, how many units per subject and how much is the units per subject.If the university failed to meet its purpose to promote convenient and quality services to its students, it will be a burden to the majority of the students especially the irregular students. More or less 73% of the populations of students of AdU are irregular students. This study is designed to measure the effectiveness of online enrollment system as perceived by the students.

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Statement of the Problem The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of online enrollment as perceived by the students of Social Science Department 2nd Semester school year 2012-2013.This study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. From scale 1-5. How do you score the online enrollment system? a. 1 b. 2 c.

3 d. 4 e. 5 2. Does the online enrollment save your time? f. Yes g.

No 3. Does the number of days you went to school was lessen? h. Yes i.

No 4. Does the online enrolment facility provide services enough to accommodate students? j. Yes k. No 5. Which do you prefer: Manual Enrollment or Online Enrollment? a. Manual Enrollment b.

Online Enrollment Research Methodology The researcher shall use descriptive method of research in gathering data and information.Although the data description is factual, accurate and systematic, the research cannot describe what caused a situation. Thus, Descriptive research cannot be used to create a causal relationship, where one variable affects another. In other words, descriptive research can be said to have a low requirement for internal validity.

Venue The primary location to gather information for the research study is at Social Sciences of Department of Adamson University. Hypothesis 1. The online enrollment of Adamson University is effective and convenient to students. . The online enrollment of Adamson University is not effective and convenient to students. Description of Data The data will be taken from the students from Social Science Department through interviews and surveys. These data will be interpreted as perception of the students from first year to third year of Social Science Department. The data gathered will be the basis of the perception of the students mentioned above.

Researchers provide questions that will be answered by the students of Philosophy, Economics and Political Science.Questions are in line with answering the satisfaction rating of online enrollment system per students, how much time consumed during the online enrollment processing, number of times they went to school for the online enrollment processing, and their preference between manual and online enrollment system. Each question are designed to measure the effectiveness of online enrollment based on the assertion of the university that online enrollment system promotes quality services. Students shall experience easeness in processing their enrollment in the university.The time consumed by the students should be lessened from previous semester. The number of days allocated by the students for finalizing the enrollment process should also be lessened. The preference of students to online enrollment should be higher than the manual enrollment. Questionnaires laid down by the researcher correspond to the data needed to be gathered in order to determine the effectiveness of online enrollment as perceived by the students of Social Science Department.

Description of MethodologyDescriptive method was used in the study conducted by the researcher. Description method is defined as involving collection of data in order to test hypothesis or to answer questions concerning the current status of the subject of the study. (Gay, 1976) The said method may be used to reveal summary statistics by showing responses to all possible questionnaire items. Often provide leads in identifying needed changes.

The number of respondents of the study is 45 students from different courses under the Social Science Department.Questions were answered by the respondents based on their personal experience and preferences. Mathematical equations are utilized to produce graphical representations of the survey the researchers presented. In the first question, “n” is the average students who said that the online enrollment is satisfactory, example (n = (“number of students who has said that the online enrollment is satisfactory” / total of respondents (45)) * 100). Same equations are employed to all questions mentioned above. Results The perceptions of students are different from each other.Thirteen students of 45 respondents has voted more satisfactory than the last semester enrollment system and according to them they did not consume much time in enrollment and did not have any need to go to school, Fifteen respondents has said that it is satisfactory and almost half of them or eight students said that they are in favor of online enrollment and eight of them are still not in favor according to them they did consume time in enrollment and they personally went to school for finalization of their enrollment, Seventeen students of 45 respondents has voted that it is not satisfactory and they strongly disagree on implementation of online enrollment, according to them they consume a lot of time in enrollment and they dedicated one week going back and forth to the school for processing their enrollment.

Majority students that answered the researcher’s survey are irregular students that had stopped, shifted from different course and transferee from different school. Some students are regular students that voted for satisfactory because the online enrollment favors them as they need not to worry about the subjects offered that semester.Irregular students that suffered most in filing their grades, requirements and other processes like inclusion and deletion of subjects. Time, number of days allocated for enrollment by the students, preference of students of enrollment system are the factors affecting the satisfaction rating per students to the enrollment system. Irregular students still prefer the manual enrollment for the online processing of enrollment does not help or lessen their burden but instead add to the frustration of the students because of facilities that are not available for the enrollment purposes. Some of the students needs to go personally to the university to ensure that they will get the subject that they desires to enroll.The social networking sites of Adamson University are flooded by the complaints made by the students because of the ineffectiveness of the enrollment system. Some even said that the online enrollment is backward and opposite to the main purpose which is to promote convenience to students.

Some students of Social Science Department are part of the said social networking site that call for the genuine enrollment system that assist the students in a most realistic manner. The researcher supposes the problems arising in online enrollment is due to lack of preparation, information and lack of online facility available that could assist the students on processing upon their enrollment.The online enrollment even caused the lessening of students enrolled this semester regardless of Department he/she belongs.

The researcher claims that online enrollment is not preferred by the students of Social Science Department because of various reasons such as lack of preparation, lack of information dissemination of process, lack of facility/personnel assisting the enrollees and the invisibility of the student council that is responsible for airing their grievances to the information technology system. The reasons mentioned above was based on the rounds of interviews that the researcher conducted. The main purpose of implementation of online enrollment is to provide convenient and quality services to the students of Adamson University.However, the students perceived the online enrollment system as not well-prepared and well-structured based on the needs of the majority of students suffering during enrollment period.

Implementation of online enrollment should undergo numerous rounds of consultation and investigation of the possible glitches of the system. According to a student of Political Science during an interview: “the enrollment system is the first step to enter the university; therefore both students and administration are prepared for the changes because they are both going to be affected by the enrollment system along the way. ” Discussion The researcher has analyzed the assorted answers of its respondents to arrive at a conclusion that is in line with various factors affecting their perception to online enrollment.This study does not claim that the turn out of the survey is absolute as the Social Science Department is one of the departments with lowest population of students. This study is dedicated to provide data and study to the facilitator of online enrollment for the improvement of the study. On personal note, the implementation of the system, the perception of the students towards it is essential for the system to be effective. The improvement of system is not going to be progressive if it lacks information dissemination to student on various matters regarding the dynamics of system. Rounds of consultation and rounds of mock enrollment should be initiated by the facilitators to ensure that there will be no bugs and glitches in the middle of enrollment period.

The students are always eager to listen to the discussion regarding the dynamics of its system for they are always carrying the burden each semester of enrolling to their desired subjects and receiving the pressures of deadline of enrollment and payment of downpayment of tuition fee. The factors affecting the satisfaction rating of the students primarily are the time consumption, number of day students went to school, preference between online and manual enrollment and how they rate the effectiveness of online enrollment. In interview the researchers had given the respondents to express as how they conceive the online enrollment and the some respondents had given suggestions to the facilitator of online enrollment as mentioned above in previous chapter. Personal takes, financial, emotional, physical and even psychological factors affect the variables of this study.But primary factors in shaping the perception of the students are mentioned above. The researcher suggests to the administration and to the students is to have cooperation in order to meet the expectation of both parties. The enrollment system does not only rely only to number of student assistants but also to facilitator that should be orienting them of everything regarding enrollment system especially the problems that will occur in the middle of the enrollment system.

The students should also be cooperative to the facilitators and assistants in order to accommodate them properly. The researcher also came across the problem of lack of desk that students could air their grievances.This problem was presented while he was interviewing some students of political science program.

Students are the largest stakeholders of the university and there should be a body of personnel that are ready to respond to their problems. Some of the assistants admitted there will be problems that will not be anticipated even if there are number of preparations before the enrollment. Some respondents suggest that there should be grievance desk during enrollment system. Online enrollment is a progressive action by the administration to attend on the needs of quality services for the students and facilitators.

However, the perception of students was not parallel to the expectation of both parties.The main purpose of the online enrollment is to provide convenient services to the students. As stated by the university, one of the reasons to why enroll at Adamson University is because of state-of-the-art facilities.

The facilities of enrollment system should be one of the manifestations of state-of-the-art-facilities in the university. The respondents suggests in order to meet that standard, both administration and students should be assessing the previous semester enrollment system and seek for the proper solution to the problems met by the previous enrollment system. The willingness to improve the system of enrollment is vital in order for the university to be progressive and advanced.


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