Life as a Teen Essay

LIFE AS A TEENAGER All over the world, teens deal with substance abuse, neglet, and abuse, for me I dealt with mental abuse from myself. Everywhere I went I seen beautiful girls with cars, clothes, money and etc.

With today’s Society this is what young boys where only interested in. They go for the girl with the money and best “sex” I know that sounds out of pocket but yes, it’s true since my 9th grade year I couldn’t help but notice that Teen relationships where only based upon Sex and Rep. Boys would brag about having the badest chick that rocks the latest styles this type of label always made me less-confindence.I wasn’t insecure when it came to looks and clothes i was more concerned about finding a friend who cares about my mindset and where I see myself going on Earth.

The hardest part about being a teen ager is finding out who we are. We know where we came from but not as a person. Some of us have fallen into Society to where we live up to what we seen on T. V. and internet. It’s not evryday you meet a Teen-Ager who is comfrontable in their own skin. We live in a world where Teens rather be followers than D.

A. R. E. Girls look up to sex slaves and strippers while boys look up to rappers and drug dealers.These type of role models come from low self-esteem. For a female having low self-esteem leads to various danger zones as far as death and sex. Women who have low self-esteem look for sex because they feel as if their personality will not get them a man so they use sex and drugs. Impressing a teen-age boy is like training a dog, we have to learn our do’s and dont’s and how to keep a guy interested not only in your looks but your mind personality which personally is the hardest thing; being a teen we don’t know what we need in life just yet so we go off our wants which leads us into disapointment later on.

Research proves 9 out of 10 teens have watched porn. As parents it’s important to search your childs phone and social networks. There was a young girl who was caught on camera at school giving oral sex to A teen age boy later that day the teens linked the video on twitter half of the world population seen the video and started a trend topic towards it, the video got send to a local channel news where her Mother was interviewed to leave her alone.

Weeks later the young girl killed herself. This story has told me alot about the world and who I am as w young lady.I couldn’t ever judge her because it’s not my place but her situation made me not want to be sexually active even more not to say be active in that sort in public.

This topic leads back to Society where she could have been pure pressured into doing this because she wanted the boy to notice her and since hs had low self-esteem she thought sex will make love. Being a teen ager you get the best of both worlds from being a “Young Adult” some would call it. I say being a teen ager is the best time living because you get to do more than what you used to as a toddler but still having our parents around telling us what to do.You would think most teens couldn’t wait to grow up and move out.

I on the other hand couldn’t see myself on my own with my family just yet I still hae a lot of naturing to do with my parents as far as not being afraid of the dark goes. I mean, I am still nervous to be home alone at night time. I have shared so many fun memories with friends that I could of not done if I were 10 again or 20. My 13 year living and I was just hitting the big “High School” it felt almost as if I were in a movie and transformed into a whole nother world.Girls were dressed in their mothers high heels and make-up with purses and I was the young freshman wearing last year sneakers with my Dad’s back pack it seemed as if I had not got the memo. The bell had rang and it was time to resign to our classrooms. As I entered the room I saw freshmans looking older than the teacher I had to look at my paper just to make sure I was placed in the right classroom. Once I got seated I began tio make friends, it wasn’t ever hard for me to make friends with people unless they took my weirdness as an insult.

Once it was time for lunch it was like a party broke loose, the teens seperated from eachother into 3 groups some say “cool, geeks, and loosers” I on the other hand looked at it like the goverment “rich,poor, and wealthy. ” I was placed under all 3. I know your wondering “How could she be placed under all three?! That’s impossible.

We’ll it wasn’t at all, I had the personality that would make you want to be like me, the mind of a billionaire, and the outfits like a poor girl. Somehow everyone learned to respect me.To end what I am saying the lovely part about being A teen-ager is were not alone when dealing with constant struggle to find your place in the school and having to deal with problems like time management and peer pressure. Clearly that is enough to drive a teen over the edge. And this is why it is hard being teenager. In September fresh meat roles into the school scared and lost hoping someone will hold their hand. Trying to find your classes and arriving on time .

And that leads us to time management . As a teen life revolves around time management .Sorting you activities and school work hoping that they wont affect each other , but they always do. In highschool you need to find time to study and finish you homework. Handing in assignments on time is annoying and most of all , its stressful . Every teen gets stressed out . Considering we are very energetic people for to do school work. But other problems like conflicts at home and other personal problems in your life.

Some teens get so stressed out sometimes they look for an easy way out and end up committing suicide .Most the time drugs and alcohol add to stress. But your friends forcing you into trying substances that you dont want to . This is known as peer pressure. When you have known someone for a long time , it gets hard to just say no . I would love to be 16 forever I can just about do anything without the cost of worrying about bills and jobs. But no matter how far I become in life I thank god and am forever greatful with the memories I’ve made with faces I couldn’t ever forget.


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