Life can sometimes push you to the edge where you will find yourself tired

Life can sometimes push you to the edge where you will find yourself tired, broken and still looking for an answer after a long tiresome journey, that is what most of the fresh graduates from Malaysia feel in this new era. It seems like nowadays we pay for our studies just to find ourselves stuck with huge amount of debt later on just because we spent a lot of time studying, finishing our assignments and not be able to earn working experience that is required in a lot of jobs nowadays. Whether you are a diploma student or a degree student, this type of fact would really have you questioning “Am I doing what I am supposed to?”. For that reason, I strongly urge that employers in Malaysia should be more open towards giving fresh graduates their opportunities to show what they are capable of doing.

The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) stated that in the year 2016 alone, there were 200,000 unemployed graduates in Malaysia. Although there is a lot of major factors that contributed to such amount of numbers – New Straits Times mentioned that employers prefer experienced workers than fresh graduates. What is scary for both you and I to know is, the fact that the majority of the 3.4 per cent unemployment rate are consist of fresh graduates. Most of the employers in Malaysia only hire someone that is well equipped. The general consensus among Malaysian employers indicates that Malaysian graduates are well trained in their areas of specialization but unfortunately lack the ‘soft skills’ (Nurita, Shaharudin, Ainon, 2004).

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