Life Changing Moment Essay

Life Changing Moment Have you ever put your life on hold because, you fail in love? My life changed, Junior Year of High School because I would do anything for love. Being young and irresponsible I made a decision on dropping out. While living the life of a High School dropout, realizing I was missing my High School experience with my friends and all the fun before Senior Year. In a relationship for 2 years, I never knew how to separate myself from the person I grew to love. Junior year started, I was captain of my High School dance team and District Co. Captain for our district dance team.

While being in school I was the popular kid that people talk to and hang out. One day just came I found out from one of my team mate that my boyfriend was planning to go off to college. Junior year started I wasn’t really focusing the first month of school to I realized when I got my third week Progress Report. Nothing but low C’s and comments about me not doing this, more on not paying attention and not doing any work. Finding that out the first week of school made me bum to the day I was kicked off on the school dance team. After getting kicked off and all the hard work I put into our performance for the homecoming I didn’t care.

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Just felt like the world ended and my brain just evacuated from my head. Just 6 week into school the District dance team performs for our homecoming game I was gone and off to California. Leaving to California with my boyfriend and dropping my education seemed right at the moment to me too I realized that I should be the one dancing at half time and going to homecoming. But, I left all that behind to support my boyfriend and be with my boyfriend. Hearing from my close friends that they’re missing me and hoping I come back, made me feel left out from the high school experience I could had.

While I was in California my boyfriend started school late at USC in California. Being in L. A wasn’t the easiest every day I dream on coming home for Thanksgiving and Christmas but I didn’t because my boyfriend had winter terms classes which made me miss my friends even more. Than Spring Breaks rolls around I went home to Houston, visit all my team mates on the dance team and catch up. Just seeing my friend reminded me of high school memories I was missing out on. But, when I’m with my boyfriend that feelings goes away and all sadness drifts off. Summers rolls around my mom and dad wanted me to come home for my eight-teen birthday bash.

While summer just began I was planning on where I should have it at and who would come so I would get distracted on the whole idea that I missed out a whole year of school. July 15 my birthday came along seeing my coach, friends and family made me realized I should go back to High School. Just only a few days before my birthday I went to enroll myself back into my old High School. So I could finish junior year and began my senior with my friends. I felt like that was the best birthday present to myself but the sad part about the gift means I was coming home to Houston and my boyfriend was in California.

The whole time I thought I was making the right decision but at the end it was for my future. While finishing High School and graduating on time with my senior classmate, I lost a lot I had like my boyfriend, and having fun. Missing out on school wasn’t easy for me but was the biggest mistake I made in life that taught me a valuable lesson. Education comes first and relationship comes and goes but until you learn from that mistake, you taught yourself from making that same lesson. Son Nguyen Life Changing Moment English 1301 / Narration Essay Tuesday/Thursday 9:25AM. Row 3 Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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