Life of Pi and Religion Essay

The Grapes of Wrath has many Religious analogues to the bible.

The characters are paralleled with people from the Bible. some easy recognizable. Besides the Grapes of Wrath is during the Great Depression which can be an allusion to the atrocious interventions and enduring times the Israelist people had to cover with reflects to this clip period.The secret plan of John Steinbeck’s novel. The Grapes of Wrath.

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can easy be related to many scriptural mentions every bit good as it could be applied to the day-to-day battles of the lives of Christians. Two peculiar parts of this fresh stick out more than any other. Those are the characters of Jim Casey and Pa Joad. Jim Casey reminds me of Moses from the bible because in the bible Moses lead 1000s of people out of rough interventions and bondage and led them to the promises land Canon.

Where Steinbeck could be mentioning the Joad household as the people who followed Moses and Jim is viewed as Moses who attempts and take them to a safe topographic point where they won’t suffer any longer.Throughout The Grapes of Wrath. spiritual symbols harvest up.

explicating the significance of the subdivision. One usage of symbolism is that when on the route to California. Tom runs in to a serpent. Already used in the novel is the fact that to the Joads.

California represents a topographic point of great wealth. freedom. and prosperity. It is a Garden of Eden. so to talk.

The Garden of Eden had a snake who brought the Wrath of God upon Adam and Eve. The snake gave them with the out fruit. California is out to foreigners and migrators.

No Okies allowed. The serpent represents the Eden Serpent and its treachery to Adam and Eve. California will bewray the Joads.


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