Life speech Essay

Live life to its fullest l’ m happy to Join with you today, base on something that all humans should do every day, every moment, every minute, every second and every breath.

Life is a priceless object that god gave us. Life is a matter of choices. Life is a start and an end to our destiny.

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Throughout the years, from Stone Age and now, humans sometimes choose misery over enjoyment which is not wrong but also not right. It’ s the decision of each of us, wherever we want to waste precious opportunities that Life give us. Humans, Like me and you, should enjoy life to the fullest.We should avoid the chains of misery and wretchedness. We should leave the nest that we once were afraid of leaving. We should release the cage that kept our happiness and Joy and break It until It s dust that we are standing on.

We should pass on happily and satisfied, once we fulfill the life we want. Everything was meant to be there, meant to be done, meant to play a role In something. We are the mall character of our life. We are the stars that shine In the light of our brightness. We are the ones that play the most Important and significant role in our life.We are the center of attention of our life.

We are meant to achieve the goals we set. It would be fatal if we din t enjoy life. But we want to avoid it. Problems and mistakes are not the things that go wrong but we are. We should overcome what we think, what we feel and what we did.

We can t stay the rest of our life sitting in the bench of hell waiting until the day our soul float to the sky. We need to act now, it doses ‘t matter what you need to do to complete your destiny, it doses t matter what problems you need to solve on your way to your destiny.That is what life is, a maze where a challenge, a struggle, a journey, a mystery, an adventure was to start, overcome, solved and ended.

It’s a maze that you will meet beauty, love, promise, tragedy and sorrow. A maze that we receive spirits, promises, opportunities, songs and gifts. Live life to its fullest and wake up without regrets. Have a cheerful start in everyday and always remember that a new days starts from zero. Live life to its fullest and share it with others. Share it with others, inspire them, or learn from them. Live life to its fullest and complete the goals you set.

Every step counts, it’s like a stair, one step will not make you reach the top, but ten steps will. Live life to its fullest and sing it as long as you want to. Life is not only a story you’re the main character but also the song that sings and shows your feeling throughout the years. Live life to its fullest and learn from the past. It doesn’t matter If today was a bad day for you, think about your mistakes and learn from It, as a wise men say “People learn from their mistakes not from their remembrance. ” Live life to Its fullest and take each opportunity.Not every day you will have the same opportunity as today; it might happen In another 5 years or maybe never. Take It and don t leave It, use It and don ‘t waste a great opportunity to show your talent and skills to others.

Enjoy each opportunity that life takes you to. Live life to Its fullest and treasure every moment. You don ‘t want to forget excellent moments, or romantic moment or great moments with some people you really care. You need to treasure each of the moments you enjoy In life and keep It In the deepest of your soul.

Every time you treasure a moment, you will realize that living life to its fullest is important you very much.


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