Limitations -Trip to Llanduno Essay

The method I had used to do my traffic count was pretty simple really. I and my partner had stood on the opposite sides of the roads and we had made an agreement that I am going to count cars driving into town while my partner is going to be counting cars leaving the town. To make sure our results were fair we had started counting and finished counting at the same time. We had repeated our test in the afternoon. However our method was limited by the fast driving cars, also we had been counting near the junction so it was much harder to count cars as they were all going in different direction.This had an effect on our results and could have made them less accurate as we might had accidently counted to many cars or missed some out. To make our test more reliable we might had done our results in less crowded place, this will ensure that we have much better results as there will be less cars to count which means there will be less place for mistakes to be made. The method used to do my pedestrian count was also quite similar.

The same in fact. Here again we had decided who is going to count people coming into town and people leaving it.Once more we were recording our results in a table. We had started counting and finished counting at the same time to ensure our results are fair. We had repeated our counting again in the afternoon. The limitations here were again the junction. So there were many people mixing together which made our counting harder, plus there were people getting on and off buses and we were not sure if we were supposed to be counting them as well.

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To ensure that we are getting better results we should have been doing it in some place where there was no bus stop or any junction.This would make our counting easier and would also make our results better, as we would be surer of our results. I had also done a Building function survey. This involved me walking along the streets and looking at different buildings.

I had to record their height and function. I had recorded my results in a table. I had been doing this task with my group so I could consult before putting my results in. There were limitations on this task though. Many people had different views on whether the building should be classed as High, Middle or Low.Some of us looked at the prices in the shop, other classified it because of how often people buy stuff in it.

To make our results better we should have discussed the way of classifying our building before we had started doing our task-this would ensure that we would all have the same results and would make our results generally better, as this would eliminate all the disagreements about putting the building into groups. On our trip we needed to do a shopping of survey. This had involved me walking along the streets by myself and looking at different aspects of town.I had to rate different categories from 1-5(5 being the highest). The limitations coming with this work is that I had to do it myself.

It was all based on my own opinion and there no real guidelines. Also peoples thought might depend on their mood and the weather which makes you see everything in different light. But I don’t think that there is any way of eliminating the limitations. I had carried out a questionnaire as my last task. This involved me walking around with my partner and asking people a range of questions.

Than we were recording their answers in our booklets.The drawbacks on this work were that we were asking mainly people in town so many people were probably just the people working in the Llandudno rather than tourists. If we had asked half of the people in town and other on the beach we would get much fairer results. Also the weather was quite bad so people were not really happy to answer our questions. Plus some asked people were already asked by someone else so when we had sometimes swapped our results with other pair we could by accident have the same result.

What would be better, is sending each pair to different part of town to ensure we get better and fairer results.


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