Robots are not as suitable for implementing complicating Decisions.

Debugging Issues of these are complicated since they involve Real-time.

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RF module is working on frequency of 433MHz.

The on-board batteries occupy more space are also heavy. We can either use some alternate power source for the batteries or replace the current DC motors with ones which require less power.

We are using RF for wireless transmission; the range is quite limited nearly 50-80m.
It involves interactivity in Real-time with virtual objects.

Machine works in every condition. They don’t get tired and gives desired output with respect to assigned tasks. These are better than Humans.

In Rural Areas where deficiency of transport is at its peak so it can be used as to carry out operations.

Military Areas where highly skilled doctors are not available, this can be used.

Helpful in Bomb Disposal so now Human life is not at risk.

The Objectives of this project was developing the hardware and software for an accelerometer controlled robotic arm.

We have achieved our objective without any hurdles i.e. the control of a robot using gestures. The robot is showing proper responses whenever we move our hand. Different Hand gestures to make the robot move in specific directions.

Robotic Car only moves when accelerometer moves in a specific direction.The proposed system is utilized to recognize the Human Motion.

Large Potential for Applications in critical fields as well as for Leisurely pleasures.

Haptic devices must be smaller so that they are lighter, simpler and easier to use Haptic Technology allows Interactivity in Real-Time with Virtual Objects.

From observation that has been made, it shows clearly that its movement is precise, accurate and is user friendly.

It is expected to overcome the problem such as placing and picking objects that are far from user and picking and placing of Hazardous objects in a very easy and fast manner.

Future Scope:
Research is going on to use Brain signals to control the Robotic Arm.

If this is achieved then it will be a great help to the physically handicapped persons.

Currently under research is the clothing retail industry which will help the users to feel the texture of the clothes on the Internet.

This robot can be upgraded to detect human life in Earthquake and landscape by implementing the sensor accordingly.

It can also be upgraded to bomb detecting robot as it has robotic arm so it can also lift the bomb.

Currently the accelerometer signal is being processed via a digital computer; this could be eliminated by using a fast microprocessor such as ARMv7. It could also be possible to eliminate the ATmega32 altogether when ARMv7 is being used.
The microprocessor could take the input from the accelerometer and smoothen it and then generate the corresponding PWM signal itself to actuate the servo motors.

GPS system can also be added to the robot by the help of which its location can be tracked.
It can also be used as a spying robot by placing a camera in it. Wireless Camera will be helpful in broadcasting and a receiver module which will provide live streaming.

Range is 50-80m. This problem can be solved by utilizing a GSM module for wireless transmission. The GSM infrastructure is installed almost all over the world. GSM will not only provide wireless connectivity but also quite a large range.

Applications in term of using Accelerometer based Gestured Controlled Robot are
Used to Control Interactions for entertainment purposes such as gaming to make game player’s experience more impressive.

Used in Military aspects to operate robots.

Used in Medical terms for surgery purposes.

Used in Construction Fields and Places.

Used in Industries.


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