Linux Security Final Review Essay

Allows the connection of hub to hub or switch without having to use a special cable 2. Which data speed and maximum cable length is not used for Category e/6 cabling? Anything other than mezzo/mobcaps (Caste) and up to mezzo, class E/mobcaps, Gossips but at a distance less than 100 meters (Cat) both up to 100 meters.

(Page 59. ) 3. What do the links lights on a hub or switch represent? That the transmit and receive pairs are properly aligned and the connected devices are communicating . 4. What does the link light on a NICE present?Connectivity to the network. 5. What is an echo request relative to computer networking? It Is part of the IGMP protocol that requests a reply from a computer. (Page 40) 6.

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What Is the command used on a PC to display the MAC address? Upcoming/all 7. What is the command used on a Linux machine to display the IP address? Facing 8. What is the maximum length of a horizontal cable run that still allows for the length of the patch cables and extra cabling on each end? 90 meters 9. A data problem is reported to the network administrator. The problem Is found to be tit the HTTP network connection.What would the network administrator do to isolate the problem.

Test the link, perform a traceries command, depends on what type of problem is occurring with the cabling. 10. Describes interconnection of Lana within a limited geographic area. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) (page 5) 1 1 .

Which describes an Ethernet system operating at 100 Mbps? Fast Ethernet or Bassett (page 32) 12. What is another term for network congestion? Bottleneck (page 59) 13. A network address of 192. 168. 6.

0 and a subnet mask of 255. 255. 254. 0 can be Ritter In CIDER as? 92.

168. 168. 0/3 (page 180) 14. The three packets exchanged at the beginning of a TCP connection between two ports are: SYNC, SYNC*JACK, & JACK (page 1 59) 15. IP addresses are assigned by which of the following? ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers (page 173) 16. The connection to a router’s console port input is typically which of the following? RSI-232 serial communications port using an RAJA-45 lack to connect to Its Interface (page 201 ) 17. What is the help command In the CISCO ISO? “? ” is the universal help command (page 207) 18.

AAU stands for: Attachment unit Interface (page 141) 19. The router interface most commonly used to Interconnect Lana to a campus network Is: Fast Ethernet (Chapter 9) 20. Serial Interfaces on a router are typically used to: used to interface to other serial devices (page 214) 21 .

Clocking on the serial port of a router is set at the DATE end: False, it is DCE (page 215) 22. The purpose of a gateway is to allow data to enter and exit a LANA. True (page 145) 23. The command for saving the router’s running-configuration to non-volatile memory Is: copy run start page 235) 24.

The administrative distance of a static route is: 1 (page 246) 25. EIGRP is classified as which of the following: link-state protocol (page 257) 26. What area ID should be used for the Network backbone? Area O (page 251) 27. What does OSPF use to verify that two router links are communicating? “Hello Packets” (page 251 ) 28. Which file allocation table system Is best for very large multi gigabit drives today? NETS (New Technology File System (page 1 1 5) 29. Which of the following bus types 1 OFF roving similar services including server functions identifies which type of network?Peer-to-peer (page 510) 31 .

Dynamically assigns IP addresses to machines as needed: DDCD Server (page 513) 32. A red “x” on a users account in Windows 2003/2000 indicates which of the following The user is locked out for having too many login attempt failures (page 553) 33. This server is used to service information requests from clients. Proxy Server (page 513) 34. Computer Viruses and Worms cause all of the following except: Virus causes annoyance, clogging up the mail server, denial of revive, data loss, open holes for others to access your machine.Worms attack computers and can deny service to networks, they establish a “back door” in the infected computer enabling an attacker to access someone’s computer (page 393) 35.

“War Driving” is a term used to describe: someone driving with an antenna out the door of a vehicle, connected to a mobile device running Windows or Linux (page 394) 36. A true Firewall “Access Control List” is used to: Access list can be configured on a router, on a true dedicated firewall, or on the host computer (page 396) 37. AnIntrusion Detection system is designed to look for: (Select 2) looks for signatures and probing (page 404) 38.

Telephony identifies which of the following technologies? Poi (Voice over ‘P) (page 488) 39. Which of the following have the greatest wireless data rate? 802. 1 In provides rates over 200+ Mbps (page 420) 40. What are the two North American and International optical standards? (Select two) SONNET (Synchronous Optical network and SAD (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) (page 468) 41 . What is the meaning of the “2-Deep” rule?That the distribution in a building should only have he main distribution and the intermediate distribution that feeds the horizontal distribution to the work area (page 472) 42. True or False: Voice Over IP and Telephony are synonymous with each other. True (page 488) 43.

Which Poi protocol provides for end-to-end secure communications by requiring user authentication: SIP (Secure Session Initiation Protocol) (page 489) 44. The following are all So concerns for Poi except: These are concerns: Jitter, Network latency and packet loss, & Queuing (page 495) 45.Using Linux, the command that lists the basic files in a rectory is: Is (page 565) 46.

Using Linux, the command that deletes a files is: arm (page 571) 47. To display the previously entered commands stored in the Linux history buffer you would use: history (page 583) 48. Using Linux, the command that is similar to the find or search command in Windows is: Greg (page 585) 49. The three major differences between industrial and commercial networks are: Hierarchy, Redundancy, & Determinism (page 619) 50. The Ethernet protocol developed for large industrial use is: Ethernet/IP or UDP or TCP (page 629)


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