Living with Strangers Essay

If you live with noise, Ignorance and unnecessary attention as norms every day. I assume you live In a city with sprawling life.

If you especially want to go to one of these kind of cities, then you could easily go to New York. Since a lot of the aspects you would presume are in a metropolis, actually finds place at this special place. A lot of people think that the attractions make the city unique with skyscrapers reaching above the skies.A tall and proud lady greets everyone that arrives, and referred numerous times through poetry and songs, but at this case, it is not the surroundings hat Is special, about this city. Instead, we have to look towards the people offence York.

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They make New York unique because of the Ignorance they are capable of showing in public. In this essay, Sir Hustled primarily focuses on a unwritten law – the pretend-it-isn’t-happening-law.It is a odd phenomenon because one would think that people move to the cities to be around other people and to get in contact with other lost souls when, in fact, most of the time is spent indoors or looking down at the ground In a crowded subway. This can be seen throughout the story, as an example, oh can see at the beginning where she moves to New York from a small town In Minnesota where it is normal to say “hi”, and if you do not do it, then it will be considered as arrogance. Compared to New York that saying “hi” to a stranger would be considered bizarre.

But the question is what way, is the right way to react if someone greets you? This is the reason why Sir Hustled does not have an answer to this but this Is why she chose to write an essay. It Is simply a subjective collection of her thoughts on this Issue that she has divided Into three mall parts, the first being her personal back-story. Not only does this provide the reader a quick Idea of who the author is and how she feels with a environment so different than what she is used to, but more essential, an introduction like this is fundamental in all genres if you want to get a connection with your readers.First of all, we feel anonymous in dense cities because everyone are busy doing something else, and do not know, which could Indicate the reason to why there is much crime In huge cities. Second, this may be the fact to why people are acting crazy In public, since you do not know even a fraction of the citizens, you allow yourself to be more extroverted. Hustled supports her own theory about the urban laws by saying that in every city, there are couple of nuts who delivers their message.

Perhaps about that love is only sent from Jesus Christ, or we are doomed in year x.However, it seems like these nuts are not getting any response, but they start a reaction of emotions inside the head of regular people “pretend it isn’t happening, pretend It Isn’t happening..

. “. To this point, Sirs Hustled has criticized the urban law strictly, however, In the final part of the essay, It seems like she acknowledges the advantages of this effect because if you are getting involved in a discussion, it can end up horribly wrong, if you Just simply ask another person politely, to turn off his cigarette inside a metro, you could get a threat with your life at stakes.Thus, he still broke the urban law about “pretend it isn’t happening”, and verbally attacks the little man, who was asking polite. On the other Sir Hustler’s daughter, Sophie, took the subway when suddenly a nut said to Sophie how much he loved her.

She tried to ignore him, but at the end she felt uncomfortable ignoring him. Then, suddenly, another person interrupted, trying to be sarcastic and funny. By doing this he acknowledged what he Just have had bean witness to in public.This man helped Sophie, he helped her give a smile on her face, and through this, he changed her entire day. Though, he could have been an audience and it would have seemed like it never had happened.

What might only seem as a scenario could be in the next moment reality. In other words, this opens a window to a new world of personalities, and this is what Sir Hustled is trying to express unconscious. A dull and static part of the human, suddenly becomes personalized and shows us that charm and argumentation, can help us towards coming stronger individuals.If you make a perspective to the town where Hustled is from in Minnesota, you will notice that Just because you use the meet-&-greet technique, where you Just monotone say “h'” to another, does not make you to a more real person than one who ignores you in New York. The unspoken laws of a society might help people get by in a certain environment but ultimately it prevents us from thinking of others complexity.

Instead of thinking everyone is a individual, you think everyone is a part of a group. If you want to become someone, you have to trust yourself.


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