Logged in or locked out: The pros and cons of the Internet Essay

In today’s world of modernization, it is incredible how much the internet has become a fundamental part of our lives. Now, more than ever, the internet has become essential to humanity and I believe those few rebels who do not make use of it are in grave danger of being locked out of this fast-paced society we live in. however the internet does have its downside. Today, even a six year old who may not even know his arithmetic can learn to make a bomb thanks to the internet’s massive database.

Although the internet is the fastest and cheapest way of staying in touch with people around the globe, nothing beats good old face-to-face conversations at least, not until sixth sense technology is produced on a commercial scale! Today technology has changed the way we communicate; the days of snail mail are over, people no longer write letters which take ages to reach the recipient and then to obtain a response but prefer conveying messages by sending each other e-mails which are received by the addressee within a blink of an eye. However, it is more or less impossible to transmit the correct emotions via e-mail or by instant messaging and here voice calls and video calls come to the rescue. What ever happened to good old telephones? Besides, these global citizens must also battle spam, viruses and hackers not to forget cyber bullies on this internet community.

The internet is a great place to find information, it does not matter whether what you want is a presentation on a radical new marketing strategy or a boring history project you require help in, it is all there in the several billion Webpages on the internet. However, one observes that this easy access to information may often lead to plagiarism as everything from books by both renowned and aspiring authors, to essays and speeches can be found by a keen cheater. The internet may have made work easier for some, nonetheless, it has added to the worries of others due to the mass malpractice that can take place.

Nowadays one can keep pace with their friends’ and relatives’ lives at the click of a button via blogs and social networking sites such as facebook, MySpace, twitter etc. Privacy has become a passing fad and is no longer the modern man’s concern; the new trend is to flaunt your lifestyle and the happenings in your life with everyone you know by updating your status or tweeting to the world about it. Today, all information is public unlike in the good old days when even the slightest secrets were guarded jealously. I guess publicising one’s life does have some glamour quotient perhaps linked to the public lives that most celebs today lead. Nonetheless, this trade off between technology and privacy can be the demise of many a man.

The internet is also a one-stop shop for just about anything. Wether it is an antique, a t-shirt, a vacation or anything else one might require one is sure to find it online. Here, it is also possible to put up any unwanted merchandise for sale. With its huge worldwide appeal, the internet invariably makes an excellent marketplace. Nonetheless, although it is a time saver, since the internet reduces the need for physical exercise; it is a major cause for obesity. Especially so in youngsters who now prefer sitting in front of the computer instead of going out and getting some physical exercise. Since people may socialise less, excessive use of the internet may result in socially awkward individuals. However, what is for certain is that, the internet is definitely to blame for the younger generation of couch potatoes it has reared.

Admittedly, the internet has several benefits but what about all those people, specially the older generation as well as the poorer community who have no access to the internet? Aren’t they left out? Today, when everything is becoming increasingly computerised it is no surprise that even school admissions are available on the internet. What’s more, several government services too are now offered online. However, by doing this we must not neglect catering to that fraction of the society that does not indulge in the use of internet. It is essential that they too be provided with their fundamental rights lest they will find themselves left in the shadows of a hostile world that does not accept them.


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