jectmanagement is a well organized and well defined technique to fulfilla specific mission, for example the construction of a house,installing water or electric power supply, building a bridge or evenestablishing a crucial computer system. Project managementincorporates building up a task design, which incorporatescharacterizing, and affirming the undertaking objectives and targets,distinguishing obligations and the manners by which the objectiveswill be refined, measuring the capital required, and decidingspending plans and courses of events for the completing point.

Thelargest project I have been involved in would be Operation Lentus2017, British Columbia Forest fires emergency. Operation Lentus isthe Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) reaction to catastrophic events inCanada. (Government of Canada Defence 2017) Provincialand regional specialists are the first to react when a noteworthycatastrophic event happens in Canada. In the event that they progresstoward becoming overpowered, they may approach the CAF for help. Atthe point when the CAF reacts to such an emergency, it is known asOperation Lentus. (Government of Canada Defence 2017) OperationLentus takes after a built up plan of activity to help groups inemergency.

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This arrangement can be adjusted to differentcircumstances. These might appear as forest fires, surges, icestorms, or tropical storms. Theobjectives of Operation Lentus 2017 was to help common and provincial specialists , to react rapidly and viably to the emergency , tobalance the natural disaster situation. Provide relief for thecitizens of the area affected. OperationLentus project meets the definition of a project used in this coursebecause it has a define start date( August- October 2017). Everyproject always starts at one time and must end at one time. Likely tobe complex in terms of work or groups involved.

In Operation Lentuswas very dense in term of work, many Canadian Armed Forces participlein many different assignments as far as work goes. The officersplanned out where the troops needed to be for check points, assistingthe RCMP, firefighting in different areas. Many different groups wereinvolved, there were private contractors, Canadian Armed Forces whichincluded the air force, infantry, armoured reconnaissance soldier andeven the RCMP.

Another key aspect in the definition of a project isthe requirement of the management of change. During Operation Lentusmany things were changing. For example, the fire control space grew,new troops and management were brought in, high ranking officers werebeing switched out. All of these examples are the true definition ofa project Myrole in Operation Lentus was to fight fires. In the Canadian ArmedForces we help our country in need and this is why many of us likemyself volunteered to help with the relief of the forest fires.

I wasthe member of Golf Patrol our patrol was assigned to fight fires,look for hot spots and help the fire fighters. Honestlyspeaking as a trooper I wouldn’t know the planning and details behindthe project or the larger portfolio, those tasks are with captains ormajors of high rank. I was assigned a task and I had to obey. Asidefrom the Canadian Armed Forces there were numerous groups and peopleinvolved. The RCMP assisted with evacuations and check points withthe Canadian Armed Forces. Fire fighters from all across the worldshowed up in support to help. England firefighters from Whalesassisted, Mexico Firefighters assisted and even New Zealandfirefighters helped out. Private companies (firefighters) also cameto show and help with support.

Tree climbers from across Canada came,their job was to climb trees before the fire hit that area and chopoff the branches. All these jobs were very dangerous but the supportfrom everyone made it safer.Therewas no budget for this natural disaster but at the peak of the fireefforts it was over $500,000 per day. The risks were of course thefire, ash pits, getting zoned off by fire so you are trapped andbeing lost in the forest. This is why we had medics following uswherever we went and this is why we were getting danger pay. Yes,we did experience outside forces that caused change to theobjectives and even achieving those objectives. The heat was breakingrecords which caused the fire to rapidly double and even triple.Approaching this new fire our main objectives were to contain containthe fire and control burn the areas which were going to set on firesoon.

With all this we asked for international help and countrieslike England and Mexico stepped up to help us. We needed all the helpwe could get to meet our new objectives/new mission. Yes,Operation Lentus utilized the integrative approach to projectmanagement because it aims to work at an organization scale and theCanadian Armed Forces is a big organization. Furthermore it setstandards and resources the complete the project.

The CAF had manystandards in place, not just at Operation Lentus but as a wholeorganization to meet the expectations. It also sets up a managementplan which the CAF designed in the response to Op Lentus, for examplethe communication protocols, risk management process etc. Theproject management approach was utilized by the following: Project Charter: This is typically the first step in the process. It basically outlines the “scope”, objectives and who is involved in this project.

For Op Lentus the main objective was to keep Canadians safe, and stop the fire. Project Scope: This is when you specify what the mission is and the main objectives of the project. For example in Op Lentus the lieutenant specified that we are here to do and how we will achieve the objective and what it takes. Project Management Plan: puts together all documentation and essential plans regarding the project . Operation Lentus example: map plan of where the fires are and where they will spread, communication protocols, defines where everyone should be and what their jobs are. All these steps are essential to the integrative project management approach.

Yes,Operation Lentus was a complete success. Although it was a tough andlong process. The Canadian Armed Forces with the help of manyinternational groups were able to contain the fire and eventually puta stop to it. We helped Canadians get through a tough time as we allbonded close together. Without the help of our friends and brothersacross the world this operation would not have been this successful.From not showering for weeks to celebrating when the last of thefires were put out. I thank all the men and woman who serve to helpmake this country the way it is.

Operation Lentus 2017. 


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