London travel industry Essay

Special Needs-Madame Tussauds has lots of appeal to special needs people, upon entering the Museum a ramp is provided to allow wheelchair user’s access to the Museum. A special lift is provided within the building to transport the wheelchair user from floor to floor, and our very friendly staff will only be happy to help. If you are visually impaired all the signs and any text will be translated into Braille for you, so you don’t miss out. If you are short of hearing, there will be a WI-FI point that you hearing aid can pick up any sound, if it has the technology and you will be able to hear exactly what is being said crystal clear.There is ample accommodation in London that would be suitable for people with special needs an example would be; Wyndham Grand in Chelsea.

It has made necessary adjustments to accommodate special needs people. All special need customers are very conveniently accommodated rooms on the first floor to prevent any hassle. All rooms have rails, and important signs and writing are available in Braille.There are many shopping centres in London that are available to people with special need such as Westfield Shopping Centre, which has a specially adapted toilet. However places like Oxford Street are not so ideal because they are very busy at times and this can leave very little space for wheelchair access.

For sightseeing, a boat trip on the River Thames would be ideal, as they would involve the person to remain seated. The boat would be fully equipped with staff who would be only happy to help if it was required.The best mode of transport getting to London would be the tube. It has ramps on it and especially reserved seats for special needs people.

This would make your journey, quick, easy safe and reliable. However the London tube is very congested and overcrowded and it is not advisable for special needs people.Inbound TouristsLondon is served by 5 International Airports; Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton and London City. London Heathrow is the biggest of the 5 and is one of the busiest airports in the world and the biggest by handling international passengers. It’s the primary hub of British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Its located at the of the city and has many transport links to and from it like Heathrow Express. All the major airlines in the world fly directly to it like Emirates, Air France, American Airways and many more.

There are many tourist attractions in London that will attract inbound tourists. London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Maddame Tussads and many more.People from all over the world want to visit these destinations. The UK is one of very rare countries to still have a monarchy, and many people are year fascinated by this and would want to see where the Queen lives.There is ample accommodation in London. There are many chains of the world famous Hilton Hotel, which has lots of modern facilities to suit your needs. Tourists coming in to London would want lots of luxury so they can enjoy themselves as much as possible.In relation to shopping, London has many shopping centres.

Oxford Street is the busiest shopping market in the whole of Europe! It has hundreds of shops, so there will be something to suit everyone. There are many shops that sell souvenirs that tourists can take back.Lake DistrictSenior CitizensBeckstone Art Gallery is perfectly suitable for senior citizens. It has paintings on display by some of the finest artists in the world. This is a family run and owned, all the staff are very friendly and at are hand to offer informal friendly advice, they are all very experienced professionals and know what might interest you. Senior Citizens are permitted enter to the Art Gallery at a special reduction price.The Lake District has many countryside areas and lakes that will be perfectly adapted for retired people, where they will be natural and peaceful surroydings.

Senior Citizens can be easily engaged in this sort of enviormentt and serenity.The Lake would also be a very a very suitable place because its a place where they can relax and just admire the beautiful fish. There are also places surrounding the river where they can read up the history of it.There is an abundance of accommodation that would suit retired people, Howbeck, like.

The B&B is family run. All bedrooms are fully furnished, which pure English design. There are also fine dining facilities available.FamiliesLake District is perfect for young people because it has many places that they can visit. They can visit the numerous lakes, this is very good for adult and children bonding and they can get know the different types of fish.Blackpool has ample accommodation for families.

There are many quite B&B’s available such as, this will give you and your children peace and serenity, This has spacious rooms, satellite television and even some games to keep your children occupied whatever the age.There are an abundance of sport and leisure facilities in Lake District that your children would love to enjoy. Going fishing is very appropriate for children who like to get stuck in and like very practical work. Going walking or jogging in the acres of countryside would also be very ideal.

However going rock climbing may not be very suitable because of the dangers involved in this especially if they are very young.Kendal Shopping Centre as the name suggests is located in Kendal, a town which is very popular amongst shoppers. There are so many shops inside there is bound to be something that suits you. It also has a local indoor market where you can buy local foods and craft. Its well worth the visit and there is a unique blend of high street brands and other fantastic shops that are unique to the area. It is perfect for families with small children as it has plenty of toy shops and play areas and crèches where there are suitable people to look after them as you enjoy your visit for a small fee.

The best mode of transport for a family to use to get to Lake District would be a family car. This is because it is very convenient & they can get there easily and cheaply.BlackpoolYoung PeopleBlackpool is perfect for young people. The nightlife is fantastic there are so many clubs and bars to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is lots of entertainment. Clubs like ‘Flares’ and ‘The Syndicates’ are popular nightclubs for young people.

The latter is so big that it can even accommodate up to 5000 people. There are lots of special offers on very frequently and a lot of clubs give a reduction fee if you can prove that you are a student.Pleasure Beach would be perfectly suitable for young people, because it has numerous superfast rides, that young energetic people would love.

The Blackpool Tower, based on the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris would be a big hit with young people because it allows people to enter and take rides up to the top to see a panoramic view of Blackpool.Blackpool beach, would be extremely ideal, they would enjoy themselves on the beach, they would also be easily fascinated by the bars, clubs and many other attractions that are located on the Beach front.There is ample accommodation in Blackpool such as, Sunnyside Hotel.They are very cheap and ideal. The Grundy Art Gallery would appeal to young people who are interested in Art, because it houses many original paintings and they frequently loan out artwork from major organisations.

It would be best for people to travel by coach to Blackpool. It would able them to get to Blackpool in a reasonable amount of time, and it is very cheap especially in contrast to train. Most young people have a very low budget.Senior Citizens-The Grundy Art gallery is a popular hit for senior citizens who enjoy its four walls and fine paintings.

There are lots of exhibitions that you can attend to gain your knowledge. There are contemporary visual art exhibitions that feature the work of established and emerging artists from the UK and abroad, as well as historically important artwork loaned from major UK institutions and objects from our own permanent collection. It also offers a reduction price.

North Pier in Blackpool would be very ideal for senior citizens, as it would give them the peace and quiet that they would always want. They are very free to take a quiet stroll a long the pier. Senior Citizens are very easily likely to engaged by this type of environment.There is lots of accommodation in Blackpool.

The Thornhill hotel, is family run, fully furnished with antiques and traditional furniture. It is very cosy, and would be perfect because they would want a calm, cosy peaceful environment where they are free to relax.


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