Lorenzo Oil Questions Essay

1. ) The Odones showed scientific method by first they researched all they could about the disease.

They read all the available surveies on the subject. and even read beyond ALD-specific surveies to larn about other experiments and surveies on similar subjects that might assist them understand the issue. Then they came up with a hypothesis. utilizing an oil on Lorenzo by feeding him it to see if it would cut down the fats in his blood.

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They charted his blood degrees before and after they gave him the oil to look into his advancement. Their decision was Lorenzo’s oil was working.4. ) Lorenzo’s oil is a intervention consisted of oleic acid and erucic acid.

prepared from olive oil and rapeseed oil. This intervention is given to males who have ALD. The intervention works like a kitchen sink ; lorenzo’s oil added the unsaturated fats that lorenzo’s nervousnesss needed. lorenzo’s organic structure wouldn’t bring forth them itself. so they needed an outside source-oleic acid. By non holding Lorenzo eat the fats his organic structure produced more.

like how you plug a sink up the H2O will merely maintain make fulling up. The oil created something like a 2nd drain for Lorenzo.6. ) The medical community resisted the Odone’s intervention thoughts because they had non been exhaustively tested on a big graduated table yet.

they didn’t want the Odones to give people false hope until they know for certain if it worked on everyone and what the side effects were. Besides they were professionals that did non desire amateurs stating them what to make. The Parent support group resisted because they had faith in their physicians and did non desire to give parents a false hope that there was a remedy.

8. ) The family’s bravery and continuity did animate me because they found out their child had a disease that was unknown and untreatable that their child was traveling to decease easy from within the following old ages. But alternatively of merely giving up and disbursement clip with their child for the last few old ages they fought for his life by researching all they could proving out everything they knew and non allowing physicians or professionals tell them they can non make that or they can non make this because it was non approved. they ignored them and still went on with their bravery to maintain Lorenzo alive.

12. ) Support groups are at that place to give each other thoughts and to be at that place for other family’s because they are traveling through normally the same thing as everyone else. giving family’s support for each other.

Support groups affected the Odones by giving them the thought that they are non traveling to sit here like everyone else and wait for a remedy that will likely non be found out for a long clip. they decided they were non traveling to sit at that place and get by in a support group they were traveling to travel work on a remedy themselves.14. ) Erucic acid is monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid. This can be found in rapeseed.

mustard seed. and wallflower seed. This acid is non soluble in H2O. It is used chemically to do many different things ; lubricators. cosmetics. nylon and polyester. Devouring big sums of this acid have been linked back to doing bosom disease.


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