Lost Generation Essay

Essay Lost Generation Thomas Mayo per: 3 4/8/13 The lost generation is considered to be the people of the nineteen twenties. In “The Great Gatsby there are many things that reflect the lost generation. An example from chapter one is when Daisy says it’s best for girls to be beautiful fools. An example from chapter two is when Mrs.. Wilson gets the dog and leaves on the table in the smoke filled room. From chapter three an example is that Gatsby invites only a few people to his party and a lot more show up.

From the first chapter an example of the cost generation would be when Daisy hopes that her daughter will grow up and become a beautiful fool. She wants her daughter to do the same thing she did. This was to act dumb and foolish so she could marry into money. Another example from chapter one is when Tom tells Nick that he read a book called the rise of the colored empires’. This is implying that Tom is a racist. Tom thinks he is wise and that he right by being racist but that is exactly what hollow men are.

An example of the lost generation from chapter two is when Mrs.. Wilson leaves the dog on the table in the smoke filled room. This shows me that Mrs.. Wilson does care any other things besides herself. Another example from the second chapter is when Tom tells Mrs.. Wilson he wants to see her. He is cheating on Daisy with Mrs.. Wilson and he has the nerve to go to where Mrs.. Willow’s husband works and asks Mrs.. Wilson if can see her. He has no respect for anybody and he Just looks down on other people.

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From the third chapter an example of the lost generation would be when Gatsby only invites a few people to his party but many more people show up. Most of the people that show up come with people that say they know Gatsby when they really don’t. They don’t have any respect for Gatsby or his house and they Just tear up the place. Another example from chapter three is when a girl ripped her dress at one of Gatsby parties. So Gatsby decides to send her a whole new dress. When she received it she complained about the dress being too large and was very ungrateful for receiving this.

To add to this she has never even worn it yet. Fitzgerald used many examples of the Lost Generation in his novel “The Great Gatsby’. A good example from the novel is when Daisy says the best thing for woman to be is a beautiful fool. Another example is how Gatsby guests have no respect for him or his house. I believe that throughout the rest of this book that he will use many more examples to represent the lost generation. I believe that the valley of ash will also be a key figure for the rest of the novel. Lost Generation By Thingamabobs


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