LOTO (Qatar Petroleum)
Question Paper :
This paper contains twelve questions. Answer ALL TWELVE Questions. The maximum marks for each question or part of a question is shown in brackets.
Total Marks: 50

1. Define the following terms :
? Blind/Spade; (1)
? Energy Isolating Device; (2)
? Lock Out Bar; (1)
? SIMOPS. (1)

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2. What do you mean by “PRC” ? (2)
3. List the different activities done for the worksite preparation as per the PRC. (5)
4. List down the precautions taken by Permit Controller before Draining/Venting of Toxic/flammable substances. (5)
5. Define Lock Out Device and what are the different means of Locking Out. (4)
6. List the different types of locks as per QP Procedure. (4)
7. When and where do we use Permit Locks and list the different colour codes by different departments as per QP Procedure? (5)
8. What information should be displayed on ‘LTI’ Tag and what colour code is used for the lock? (4)
9. List down the different types of Isolation as per QP Procedure. (4)
10. List down the different types of Mechanical Isolation. (3)
11. Explain Isolation Standard for Blinding /Blank Flanges. (7)
12. How can we verify Mechanical Isolation? (2)



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