Love: the Four Letter Word Sample Essay


the four missive word that binds us all together. Whether it is the love of a important other or your best friend. love is the gum to all relationships. Love is of import as it give purpose and significance to bonds created with others. When you genuinely love another. the love for them is put above yourself. The chief types of love are Companionship Love.

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Romantic or Sexual Love. Family Love. Friendship Love and Charity Love. all of which are non merely of import to hold in life. but influences the manner we interact with others in the universe around us. The Grecian word for company.

Hetaireia. explains the love that is found between schoolmates. companions or coworkers.

This type of love is of import to hold and see in one’s life because it allows us to demo simple kindness to others. We experience Hetaireia when we have schoolmates that we talk to in the hallway. cafeteria line. or during category.

Hetaireia is based on familiarities that we merely normally speak with about a shared or common involvement or end.In short. the so called friends or better termed familiarities or brothers are by and large friends by circumstance. This significance that without the approaching essay or the new vocal that has come out. people that we portion Hetaireia with have no emotional closness with.

Although company with others is non ever excessively emotional. it makes us good rounded because it provides relationships with people with whom we portion common involvements. people with whom we can speak to approximately lighter topics. and leave the heavy lifting to people we are closer with. Romantic love.

the type of love that foremost comes to mind when one thinks of Black Marias and roses was known to the Greeks as Eros. Eros is the love that is sexual ; it is passionate. self-generated and can be natural. This type of love is the love where one falls in. Eros is of import to day-to-day life because it allows us to be free with a important other.

As the love of common attractive force. Eros needs both parties to take part in order to work. and it is wholly emotional.Romantic love is normally experienced with the individuals who are under or desire to travel through with the Sacrament of Marriage. though it is non limited to married twosomes. Furthermore. Eros gives intending to life.

it ever one to experience free with a particular other. On the whole. Eros influences in the manner we interact with others around us.

by giving us the passion and the spontaneousness that makes our lives better. Storge was known to the Greeks as the familial love that brings households together. Family love is the love is experienced in mundane life.

as it is shared between a parent and kid. This is the type of love that is unconditioned. the type of love that makes one feel “safe” . Storge does non hold to hold been earned by any of the participants ; it is given freely. and without any demand for return.

though it is normally is given back in the same manner. In add-on. the love 1 has for household is by and large really emotional. and with deep fond regards. This makes are life good rounded because the natural love that is given to us as kids can act upon the manner we treat other people for the remainder of our lives. as people who receive good. by and large give back good.

Though this is non ever the instance. Storge is still really of import for all people. doing everyone involved experience precious. As can be seen. Storge is really of import to hold in life. and influences the manner we interact with others.

The following type of love was known to the Greeks of Philia or Friendship. Philia is the love that is expressed between two friends. In Philia. the love between two friends is common. intending it is a bipartisan street.

Besides. it is supportive. because we need others to hold person to tilt on when the traveling gets tough. The Philia that is shared with another individual should be treated with regard.

as it is difficult to happen person with whom you could unwrap anything about yourself and still be certain of their trust or fondnesss. Jesus believed that friendly relationship is a gift that must be passed on to others. Besides. Philia makes us good rounded because it is the love that we give freely. without necessitating to give.

but we do anyhow.Given these points. Philia is of import to hold within our lives. and guides the manner that we interact with others. Finally.

the last type of love is Agape. which is the word for charity in Greek. Agape is the act or love of whishing others good. even when they do non and can non make anything in return. It is loving. even your enemies with all your bosom. Additionally.

charity-like love involves being able to give. and be unconditioned. It is handling others the manner you want to be treated. This type of love is present in mundane life by people assisting others in demand. without waiting for something in return. It is seen in people that do charity work to assist others.

or even keeping an lift door for person you do non cognize. Agape is the love we are called to give as Christians. In simpler footings. Agape makes our lives more important or all-around.

Without Agape. our lives would non be of importance. as we would non hold anything that makes us humane.

which is the idea of caring for another. In short. agape fills our lives with importance. and forms the manner we connect with others.The five types of love that comes out of Companionship. Romance. Family.

Friendship. and Charity. are the five types of loves that should come into drama within our day-to-day lives. These types of love fill our lives with the joy of other people. and changes the manner we act around others. The best representation of these types of love can be described as “Love is patient and sort ; love does non envy or tout ; it is non chesty or rude.

It does non take a firm stand on its ain manner ; it is non cranky or resentful ; it does non joy at error. but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things. believes all things. hopes all things. endures all things.

” ( 1 Cor. 13:4-7 ) In sum-up. without these types of love. our lives would non be what do us human. or in another word. humane.


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