Loyal Retainers Made Heroes compared Sample Essay

“The best retainer does his work unobserved. ” stated by Oliver Wendell Holmes. Sr. in The Poet at the Breakfast Table. strongly epitomizes the significance of people that transcends in their functions as being a retainer to help in another’s greater cause. Their gallantry normally goes unnoticed until the greatest times of demand. and their function becomes the specifying minute of a great triumph. Through all aspects of literature. movie. life and its experiences. originals of loyal considerations appear as implicit in functions of a greater image. From the literary piece Beowulf to the box office hit The Lord of the Rings to flush the current leaders of today’s society. originals of loyal considerations portray similar comparings to each other based on a theoretical account that their gallantry is revealed through the courage and trueness they provide the hero at their greatest clip of demand.

In the heroic poem verse form Beowulf. translated by Burten Raffel. Wiglaf embodies the function of the loyal consideration by standing following to his Godhead and helping Beowulf in his concluding conflict for the pride of his bequest and the glorification of winning. During the critical conflict between Beowulf and the firedrake. Wiglaf. one of 11 thanes chosen for this deathly escapade. proves to be Beowulf’s one and merely loyal consideration as he tries to convert the other 10 companions to put on the line their lives to salvage their male monarch. “Go to him. while angry fires burn at his flesh. assist our glorious male monarch. ” provinces Wiglaf as he reminds all of the warriors of their trueness for the male monarch in his greatest clip of demand. but alternatively Wiglaf was the lone one willing to honour his word ( 105 ) . The 2nd portraiture of Wiglaf’s function as the loyal consideration comes during the battle with the firedrake “when Beowulf needs him most. Wiglaf shows his bravery. his strength and accomplishment. and the daring he is born with. ” as he risks his ain life to support the tired male monarch ( 106 ) . Bing the premier original of a loyal consideration. Wiglaf’s epic actions non merely supply aid to his male monarch. but besides reflect Beowulf’s courage. aristocracy. and award.

In the movie The Lord of the Rings. Sam Gamgee embodies the archetypal character of Frodo Baggin’s loyal consideration during their unsafe journey to salvage the universe from the evil Mordor. Sam. alike Merry and Pippin. accepts the function as the loyal consideration. as he leaves behind everything that he has and put on the line his life to attach to his best friend Frodo. Even though Sam did non cognize how to swim. he farther exemplifies his function as a loyal consideration when he jumps into the river to trail after Frodo. who was about to take on this alone and unsafe journey by himself. Understanding such dangers. Sam is still willing to give his ain life in order to carry through his award and promise to Gandolf of protecting and back uping Frodo until the terminal. During the latter half of the film. all of the members of the Fellowship resemble Frodo’s loyal considerations. as they display their heroic attempts and conflict to their deceases in order to protect Frodo in his journey. Even though Frodo is the chief character and hero. his brave and loyal considerations surround him. as they assist him during this life put on the lining escapade.

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However. non all originals of loyal considerations are portrayed in literature and movies. but they are besides seen soon in the mundane lives of great leaders. Mayor Rudi Juliani’s aid to President Bush during the September 11th crisis illustrates one of the largest and most current illustrations of a loyal consideration in today’s clip. Not merely was he the coordinator of the September 11th catastrophe. but besides the interpreter for President Bush when he was escorted to safety. When the President and the people of the United States needed him. he stepped up to the home base and assumed his duties. Mayor Juliani’s actions of courage and ability to persist reflect the leading features of the President. Yet another illustration of a current loyal consideration is President Bush’s right-hand adult male. Vice-President Cheney. With legion clip devouring responsibilities. Vice-President Cheney is normally seen in the shadows of the President and is seldom mentioned on his parts to the United States. Both Mayor Juliani and Vice-President Cheney’s actions and character must incarnate the aristocracy. prestigiousness. and leading of the President. as do all loyal considerations to the heroes.

With all these originals of loyal considerations seen through different literary pieces. movies. and current events. they all portray a similar feature in that the courage and trueness towards the hero in the greatest clip of demand is true gallantry. Earl Benjamin one time said. “to believe in the heroic makes heroes. ” and as seen through such illustrations. all of these loyal considerations in the different examples become what we call a existent hero.


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