LS: Chapter 13 Practice

According to Arnett, which of the following are NOT key features that characterize emerging adulthood?
A) identity exploration
B) instability
C) commitment to others
D) self focused
In the United States, which of the following is the most widely recognized marker of entry into adulthood?
A) economic independence
B) independent decision making
C) holding a more-or-less permanent full-time job
D) graduation from high school
Regarding early adult health knowledge and behavior, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A) College students have a poor understanding of what it takes to prevent illness and promote health.
B) College students clearly see the relationship between their risk of heart attack and their nutrition and exercise habits.
C) In early adulthood, few people stop to think about how their personal lifestyles will affect their health later in their adult lives.
D) Most young adults have realistic beliefs about their future health risks.
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of physical development in early adulthood?
A) reaching the peak of physical performance
B) notice of the decline in physical performance
C) large changes in the sensory systems
D) increase in the body’s fatty tissue
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what percentage of American adults 20 years of age and older are obese?
A) 8%
B) 27%
C) 33%
D) 42%
All the following biological factors EXCEPT __________ are involved in obesity.
A) a change in the human genome
B) leptin
C) set point
D) environmental factors
Regarding alcohol and drug use, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A) About 10% of alcoholics recover, whether they are in a treatment program or not.
B) An estimated 20% to 35% of individuals who become alcoholics are believed to have a predisposition towards it.
C) Binge drinking peaks at about age 18.
D) Cultural variations underscore the environment’s role in alcoholism.
Which of the following conclusions was NOT made by the 1994 survey of sexual practices among Americans?
A) Men think about sex far more often than women do.
B) Adultery is less common than originally believed.
C) Married and cohabitating people have sex more often than noncohabitating couples.
D) Americans’ sexual lives are more liberal than suggested by previous surveys.
Regarding the development of a nonheterosexual sexual orientation, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A) Being raised by a gay parent increases one’s likelihood of being homosexual.
B) Sexual orientation is determined by a combination of factors.
C) Male homosexuality is thought to be caused by growing up with a dominant mother and weak father.
D) Female homosexuality is believed to be caused by girls choosing masculine role models.
Sexually transmitted infections affect about one in every ______ adults.
A) 4
B) 6
C) 8
D) 10
Which of the following is NOT a protective measure against AIDS?
A) knowing your and your partner’s risk status
B) having protected sex
C) taking acyclovir
D) not having sex with multiple partners
__________ is when one person uses his or her power over another individual in a sexual manner.
A) Rape
B) Sexual harassment
C) Date rape
D) Acquaintance rape
Which theorist suggests that young adults become less idealistic as they enter the work force and face the constraints of reality?
A) Gisela Labouvie-Vief
B) William Perry
C) Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
D) John Holland
According to William Perry, adolescent thinking is __________, and adult thinking is __________.
A) absolute; relative
B) qualitative; quantitative
C) absolute; absolute
D) quantitative; qualitative
__________ is a characteristic of postformal thought.
A) Understanding that arriving at the right answer may require absolute clarity
B) Knowing that the correct answer may vary from situation to situation
C) Being objective and avoiding emotions in decision making
D) Lack of understanding that the search for truth is often never-ending
Researchers have found that creativity peaks in one’s _____.
A) 20s
B) 30s
C) 40s
D) 50s
A recent survey states that the main sources of stress included all of the following EXCEPT:
A) lack of advancement opportunities
B) low salaries
C) forced objectives
D) uncertain job expectations
Which of the following statements regarding work in early adulthood is FALSE?
A) Ethnic diversity is increasing in most developed countries.
B) Work and lack of work can both be sources of stress.
C) In the United States, one-half of all lawyers, physicians, computer scientists, and chemists today are females.
D) Juggling work and family responsibilities is an issue for dual-earner couples.
The human genome has not changed markedly in the last century, yet obesity has noticeably increased. This indicates that:

Question options:

environmental factors have little impact on obesity.

obesity is primarily a product of a person’s genes.

there is reduced reliance on energy-saving devices.

environmental factors play an important role in obesity.

Binge drinking peaks at about:

Question options:

24 to 26 years of age.

21 to 22 years of age.

16 to 18 yeears of age.

17 to 19 years of age.

Nearly one-half of American 18- to 25-year-olds:

Question options:

return to their parents’ home for brief periods after first leaving.

earn a bachelor’s degree by age 22.

enter graduate school.

view marriage and parenthood as crucial lmarkers of adult status.

Lincoln, an American adult, is asked “Do you consider yourself to have reached adulthood?” He responds that he feels that he is truly an adult. Lincoln is probably _____ years old.

Question options:

18 or 19

20 to 22

23 to 25

26 to 35

Condoms are less effective against the spread of _____.

Question options:





A major study that focused on campus sexual assault involved a phone survey of 4,446 women attending two- or four-year colleges. The highest percentage of women reported being victims of attempted rape by a(n) _____.

Question options:





This concept, recently described by Phyllis Moen, reflects ingrained cultural beliefs that engaging in hard work for long hours through adulthood will produce a path to status security, and happiness.

Question options:

The mythical career

The career mystique

The golden handshake

The American dream

All of the following are key features identified by Arnett as characterizing emerging adulthood except:

Question options:

being self-focused.

identity exploration.

feeling “in-between.”


According to psychologist Laura Brown, how can lesbians and gay males adapt to a world in which they are a minority?

Question options:

By maintaining a distance from both the majority heterosexual culture and the minority lesbian/gay male culture.

By isolating themselves from the majority heterosexual culture.

By balancing the demands of the minority lesbian/gay male culture and the majority heterosexual culture.

By accepting the dictates and bias of the majority heterosexual culture.

Which of the following statements about working while in college is true?

Question options:

Working more hours results in a decline in grades.

Working while in college has largely positive effects.

Working while in college is to be discouraged as it does not contribute to education in any way.

College students who work more hours have better grades than those who do not work.


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