Luning et al

Luning et al. (2007) emphasised that since the CQP concept can be applied from a techno-managerial perspective, means that attention should be paid for the roles of both food and human systems that constitute a food quality management system. Because the issues related to food quality cannot just be approached from one disciple (e.g. food chemistry, human resources), it is important to consider to take into account deviations of product and process characteristics as well as people?s behaviour and organisational conditions when controlling product and processes. This is done by applying consideration the techno-managerial approach, using the conceptual food quality relationship model (Luning and Marcelis, 2009a) (Figure 3) which helps to include the impact of food dynamics and human decisions on product?s final quality. The relationship shows that food systems behaviour (FB) is affected by the dynamic and variable characteristics of food systems (food dynamics) and the technological conditions (TC) that are applied. Similarly, human behaviour (HB) is dependent on human dynamics (HD) and administrative conditions (AC) (Luning and Marcelis, 2009a; 2009b). Via these four factors, decisions can influence food quality (Luning and Marcelis, 2007).


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