Macbeth as Tragedy Essay

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is frequently considered one of literature’s greatest calamities and is said to uncover much about human nature.

Make you hold or differ that the drama conveys much about humanity or about the human experience? What. if anything. does the work suggest about human existences or society? Support your positions with textual inside informations and analysis. In your response. turn to how Macbeth’s capable affair.

subjects. signifier. or other literary elements might ( or might non ) be characteristic of calamity. How do tragic qualities of the drama contribute ( or non ) to the story’s larger message ( s ) ?Macbeth has ever been a drama of involvement in any age groups. I remember this drama in my high school but so which school does non acquire involved with this drama. I do agree with the statement that Macbeth reveals much about human nature. Macbeth reveals the dark side of human nature ; aspiration.

hungriness for control and power. it shows us the wake that it leaves behind. The drama suggests the dark inclinations that lives within many of the human existences in our society ; the demand to win and eliminate their obstructions at any cost: human existences are timeserving.

Macbeth shows us how far a individual will travel to in order to recognize their ain aspirations ; even to perpetrate a violent death. Free will be in humanity and everyone has the potency for good and the commit evil workss. The Macbeth’s lecherousness for power and greed ends up in inexorable calamity. Macbeth starts off as a hero ; a brave warrior in the battleground. standing behind his male monarch and protecting his land.

This is what makes Macbeth a tragic hero. “Tragic hero: A chief character who acts with bravery but falls from high standing into ruinous fortunes because of a failing of character or serious misjudgment. ( Clugston. 2010. page.

4. 4. parity. 3 ) .Lady Macbeth is willing to lose her psyche in order to force her husband’s religion to be king a world and Oklahoman ; she asks the Gods to take all compassion and muliebrity and replace with cold and pitiless qualities ; this symbolizes the darkness of human nature.

The Macbeth’s had it all but failed to acknowledge it due to holding their dark aspirations take over them ; devouring them and this is the calamity. The literary elements are the motives. they are the hallucinations and force ; these motives lead to tragedy terminal of the Macbeth’s.


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