Macbeth Study Guide Sample Essay

Act I Scenes 1 & A ; 21. What is the significance of “Fair is disgusting. and foul is fair” ? Nothing is wholly good ; everything comes with a monetary value. Nothing is as it seems. It sets the delusory tone of the whole drama.

2. What description does the Captain ( Sergeant ) give to Duncan about conflict? He tells about how Macbeth and Banqumacbeth ao fought courageously in conflict. Macbeth sliced up the enemy. Macdonwald.

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from his umbilicus to his oral cavity. 3. What features of the King are apparent? He is loving and appreciative of others and is a benevolent swayer. 4. What penalty is pronounced upon the Thane of Cawdor? He will be executed.

5. What wages is bestowed upon Macbeth? He becomes the new Thane of Cawdor. Act I Scene 3
1. What are the first words uttered by Macbeth? “So foul and fair a twenty-four hours I have non seen. ” This reflects on how although Macbeth won the conflict. it came at a high cost. 2. What 3 messages do the Weird Sisters bring Macbeth? They hail him as the Thane of Glamis ( current rubric ) .

Thane of Cawdor ( new rubric he is about to have ) . and state him that he shall be king. 3. What affect do those messages have on Macbeth? He is really funny and interested in the prognostication.

uncovering his lecherousness for power. 4. What message do the Weird Sisters give Banquo? His boies will be male monarchs. 5. What word from the King to Macbeth and Banquo do Ross and Angus convey? Macbeth is bestowed the rubric of Thane of Cawdor. 6. Compare Macbeth’s character with Banquo’s as revealed in their reaction to the enchantresss.

Macbeth seems a spot fearful of the prognostication at first. Banquo notices and asks him why he fears “Things that sound so fair” ( 1. 3. 55 ) . After the initial reaction. Macbeth is really funny and wants the enchantresss to state him more. However.

the enchantresss vanish and Macbeth is left wishing they had stayed to explicate more. This shows his greed for power. On the other manus.

Banquo. although besides excited. is a spot discerning and wary of believing what the enchantresss have revealed.

Act I Scene 4 & A ; 5Scene 4:1. What description of Cawdor and his decease does Malcolm give? He “confessed his lese majesties. beg your Highness’ forgiveness.

and set forth a deep penitence. ” ( 1. 4.

6-9 ) In other words. his decease was honest and he died better than he lived 2. What public proclamation does Duncan do as to his replacement on the throne? Duncan’s oldest boy. Malcolm. will be his replacement. 3.

What is the consequence on Macbeth of the proclamation? He expresses joy on the outside. but so he mutters his discouragement under his breath. He is concerned that Malcolm will acquire in the manner of himself going king. 4.

Where does Duncan now program to pass the dark? At Macbeth’s palace. Scene 5:
1. Where does this scene take topographic point? Macbeth’s castle–Lady Macbeth is home entirely. 2. What are the contents of Macbeth’s missive to Lady Macbeth? It tells her about his new rubric as thane of Cawdor and describes the prognostication of enchantresss. 3.

What is Lady Macbeth’s reaction to the prognostication that he would go King? She fears that Macbeth lacks the pitilessness needed to do himself king. She launches into a monologue in which she wants to be more manfully in order to assist Macbeth go male monarch. 4.

What do Macbeth and his married woman program to make to Duncan? They plan to kill him when he comes for dinner. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to go forth everything to her.Act I Scenes 6 & A ; 7:Scene 6:1. How is Lady Macbeth portrayed? She is portrayed as really strong. masculine. and dominant.

She is more powerful than Macbeth and influences his determinations. Scene 7:1. What province of head does Macbeth’s soliloquy reveal? He is nervous and unsure of whether he should kill Duncan. because Duncan has done him no incorrect. 2. How does Lady Macbeth reproach him? She fundamentally dares him to kill Duncan by naming him a weak coward. Macbeth is easy tempted by the thought of power.

3. What plans for the slaying does Lady Macbeth suggest? She suggests that they get the Chamberlains drunk while Duncan is asleep so that she and Macbeth can mouse in to kill Duncan. Then.

they will distribute the blood all over the rummy and kiping Chamberlains to do them look guilty. 4. What is the consequence of the great influence Lady Macbeth has over Macbeth? He succumbs to the enticement of power.

ACT II Scenes 1-4Scene I –1. What clip is it at the beginning of this Act? Just past midnight 2. What does Banquo give Macbeth that is a present from the King? Why did the King give this to Macbeth? He gives LMB a diamond for being a really sort hostess. 3.

What did Banquo dream about? The Three Weird Sisters and their prognostication. 4. What does Macbeth desire to speak to Banquo about? MB claims he has non thought about the prognostication and that they can speak about it subsequently. 5.

In Macbeth’s monologue – what does he hold psychotic beliefs about? He sees his bloody sticker and negotiations to it. He is really disquieted about slaying Duncan.
Scene 2 –1.

Why didn’t Lady Macbeth kill the King? He looked like her male parent. 2. Why did Macbeth convey back the stickers to Lady Macbeth? Who returns them? Macbeth forgot to go forth them in the room and refuses to travel back in. LMB goes in to set the stickers back. 3. What does the last line ( spoken by Macbeth ) mean? He wishes Duncan was still alive and that the knocking sound would rouse him. This shows his guilty scruples about killing the male monarch.

Scene 3 –1. What is the intent of the porter scene? What is the status of the porter? It is to shoot some wit into the dark temper of the drama. The porter is intoxicated and makes many sexual gags. He says that intoxicant causes a ruddy olfactory organ. slumber. micturition.

and powerlessness. 2. What is Macbeth’s mental and emotional province on his entryway? He is untalkative and experiencing guilty. shown by his sawed-off sentences. 3. What is the consequence of the intelligence of Duncan’s slaying on: Macduff. on Banquo? Macduff is horrified and runs out of the room weeping that Duncan has been murdered.

He is really emotional. Banquo is discrediting and shocked. 4. What do Malcolm and Donalbain make up one’s mind to make? Flee the land so as to avoid being killed every bit good.

This ends up doing them look guilty. 5. Why did Macbeth kill the grooms? He was so huffy that they “killed” Duncan that he killed them in his fury.
Scene 4 –1. Where does Macbeth travel to acquire crowned? Scone2. Where is Duncan’s organic structure taken? “Colmekill. /The sacred depot of his predecessors.

/And defender of their castanetss. ” Macbeth — Act IIIScene 1 –1. What is Banquo’s sentiment of Macbeth’s behavior? He feels that Macbeth has cheated to do the witches’ prophecy come true. 2. What does Banquo state of the anticipation of the Weird Sisters refering himself and of the chance of its being fulfilled? Because Macbeth’s portion of the prognostication has come true. he believes his portion will every bit good.

3. What invitation does Macbeth give Banquo? He invites Banquo to a banquet that dark. 4. What was Macbeth’s ground for inquiring Banquo.

“Ride you this afternoon? ” He wants to cognize Banquo’s programs so he can direct the liquidators after him. 5. What does Macbeth program for Fleance? Kill him along with Banquo

Scene 2 –1. What makes Lady Macbeth content? 3. 2. 6 She is now questioning/hesitating how she and Macbeth came into power. She wishes she had been one of the victims.

2. In what ways do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth show their love for each other? Macbeth is non traveling to state Lady Macbeth about killing Banquo until he has done it. 3. Does Macbeth state Lady Macbeth his programs? No. He teases her about it. Once he is finished with the title.

he can state her and turn out himself a adult male.
Scene 3 –1. Who is the 3rd liquidator? Macduff’s retainer2. What does the flight of Fleance foreshadow? Banquo is dead.

and Fleance is still alive. This foreshadows that the prognostication shall come true.

Scene 4 –1. What is the consequence on Macbeth ( as revealed in the aside ) of the fact that Fleance flights? He was 2. What is the consequence on Macbeth of the visual aspect of the shade? Lennox offered him a place at the tabular array.

but Macbeth saw a shade in the chair. He begins speaking to it and stating it to be gone. which makes everyone else think that he is ailing. 3. How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s action and words? He has been ill since his young person and this is normal. 4.

What causes the shade to reenter? Macbeth begins turn toing his invitees once more and explicating his “disorder. ” Then he proposes a toast to Banquo. 5. Does Lady Macbeth twit or chide Macbeth after the invitees depart? She says that he has ruined the good temper of the dark. She besides tells him he needs slumber.
Scene 5 –1. Why does Hecate acquire huffy at the 3 enchantresss? They have meddled in Macbeth’s concern without confer withing her ( goddess of witchery )
Scene 6 –1. What is the intent of this scene? Lennox and the Godhead suspect Macbeth.

whom they call a “tyrant. ” in the slayings of Duncan and Banquo. The Godhead tells Lennox that Macduff and Malcolm are inquiring England’s King Edward for aid Macbeth is fixing for war. Lennox and the Godhead do it clear that they are on Macduff’s and Malcolm’s side.
Macbeth — Act IVScene 1 –1. Where does this scene take topographic point? Cavern at dark when there is boom.

2. What is Macbeth’s errand here? He wants replies to his inquiries. 3. What are the enchantresss making? Making a potion to cite phantoms. 4. How does Macbeth depict the enchantresss? He calls them “secret.

black midnight hags” 5. a ) Who does the first phantom ( an armed caput ) represent? Macduff. who will come to Scotland at the caput of an ground forces. B ) what is its message? It says to mind Macduff. the thane of Fife. degree Celsius ) what does this foreshadow? Macduff will kill Macbeth. 6.

Who does the 2nd phantom represent – what is the message? It is a bloody kid that tells him that no adult male born from a adult female can harm him. 7. Who does the 3rd phantom represent – what is its message? It is a kid with a Crown on his caput and a tree in his manus.

Its message to Macbeth is to be courageous and proud because Macbeth will ne’er be defeated until Birnam Wood Marches to contend him at Dunsinane Hill. 8. What is the following vision? 8 male monarchs = Banquo’s posterities and Banquo’s ghost 9. What information does Lennox convey? Macduff has fled to England.

Scene 2 –1. How does Lady Macduff feel about her husband’s flight to England? She feels that he has abandoned their household and that he is a treasonist. 2.

What warning does a courier bring? Does she heed the warnings? He says “ I’m afraid something unsafe is coming toward you. If you’ll take a simple man’s advice. don’t be here when it arrives.

Travel off and take your kids. ” LBD feels awful for non listening. 3. What was the effect? Her boy is murdered by the musderers.
Scene 3 –1. What is Macduff’s mission to Malcolm? Join forces against Macbeth. 2. Why does Malcolm pigment himself so wickedly? He wants to see Macduff’s reaction to assist justice if Macduff is on his side or non.

3. From where did Ross come –what message does he convey? He came from Scotland and he tells Macduff and Malcolm that Scotland is non making good. Many people die each twenty-four hours and no 1 of all time smiles. He besides says that Macduff’s married woman. kids.

and retainers have all been slaughtered. 4. Of whom are spoken the “He has no children” ? Macbeth 5. What do Malcolm and Macduff make up one’s mind to make? Kill Macbeth for retaliation Macbeth — Act V
Scene 1 –1.

How has Lady Macbeth changed? She used to be strong and willing to slaying. but now she is overcome by guilt. After Duncan’s killing. she said that a small spot of H2O would rinse away the blood. Now. she claims in her slumber that nil will of all time rinse it off. She is falling into lunacy.

2. What is the doctor’s diagnosing of her status. its causes. its nature? He says that there is nil he can make. He besides explains that guilty people frequently confess their secrets to their pillows as they sleep. The physician recommends that Lady Macbeth seek aid from a priest instead than a physician.
Scene 2 –1.

What information is given of the English power? They are about at that place and are led by Malcolm. Siward. and Macduff. They want retaliation for their agony. 2. What are Macbeth’s programs for defence? He is strengthening his palace at Dunsinane. 3.

What is said of Macbeth’s mental and emotional status? He is holding a dislocation from the guilt and is out of control. 4. What is the significance of the shutting words of this scene? The Third Apparition said that Macbeth will ne’er be defeated until Birnam Wood Marches to contend him at Dunsinane Hill.

Scene 3 –1. Upon what does Macbeth rely? The words of the phantoms that he won’t be defeated until Birnam Wood moves to Dunsinane Hill. 2. How does Macbeth handle his attenders? He acts insane and diss them.

Scene 4-5 –1. What is the consequence on Macbeth of the intelligence of Lady Macbeth’s decease? He blows it off. stating that she would hold died subsequently anyhow. 2.

What causes Macbeth’s return to despair and desperation? Messenger tells him that Birnam Wood is traveling toward Dunsinane. 3. What lines in scene 5 are among the best known in Shakespeare? ( Take an educated conjecture! ) “Out.

out. brief candle! / Life’s but a walk-to shadow. a hapless participant / That struts and frets his hr upon the phase / And so is heard no more. It is a narrative / Told by an imbecile. full of sound and rage. / Meaning nil.

” ( 5. 5. 25–27 )
Scene 6-7 –1. What is the value of the sequence of short scenes? They speed up the drama and demo the events of both sides. 2. What is the spirit of Malcolm’s military personnels? They want to contend to the decease.
Scene 8 –1. What is the consequence on the audience of the reclamation of Macbeth’s courage? commiseration 2.

How does Macbeth behavior himself when he learns that the “juggling fiends” have betrayed him wholly? He says he won’t fight any longer. but so he says that he is non willing to give up. He decides to contend to decease with Macduff. 3. How does Sieward take the intelligence of his son’s decease? He is proud that he died contending.

4. Why does Macbeth decease at Macduff’s instead than at Malcolm’s manus? Macduff was cut from his mother’s uterus. so he was non born from a adult female.

5. Does the audience witness the decease of Macbeth?


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