What are the Main Traffic Problems in Maidstone and Boxley and what are the Causes? Essay

The purpose of this investigation is to find the main traffic problems in Maidstone and Boxley and what their causes are. This will then help to give me an idea as to how the congestion in Boxley and the congestion in Maidstone affect each other if at all.Maidstone dates back to the medieval times and when it was built it wasn’t expected to have to withstand the force of large amounts of traffic and congestion.

Although many roads have been resurfaced many times there is still the issue of increasing car ownership and generally more cars on the road. However the problem in Maidstone isn’t just caused by cars, there is also an increasing number of vans, lorries, motorcycles (MC) and buses etc. The town has recently introduced a park and ride scheme that has helped in some ways but for many people it isn’t convenient and the cost is also an issue.I have taken traffic counts throughout Maidstone and am going to use the data collected to analyse the traffic problems and their causes in and around the central business district (CBD). Once I have found these I will look at a variety of possible solutions and evaluate their effectiveness by looking at the following:* How practical the solutions are* How effective they will be* Whether they are likely to be expensive* Who would pay for them?From the traffic counts I have looked at I think that the congestion in Maidstone will also have an effect on the surrounding areas. I will therefore be doing a study of the village I live in, Boxley.

Boxley is a small village not far from Maidstone Town Centre, and there is currently work going to build part of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. The main road going through the village is the Boxley road, which goes directly into the CBD. I travel along the road several times a day often at the peak times, which are when I am going to and from school, so from personal experience I know that there are often traffic problems in the area.I will be doing traffic counts similar to those done in Maidstone and am also handing out 20 questionnaires hoping to get at least 10 back. The questionnaire will hopefully give me an idea of some of the causes of the traffic problems, which will help me find appropriate solutions.

All the areas studied are clearly shown on the map enclosed.


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