Malaysian Leaders Sample Essay

She is Malaysia’s figure one export.

She used to be credited as Michelle Khan because her studio idea that this will be more marketable for the western audiences. She subsequently decided to utilize her existent name. Michelle Yeoh Choo-Keng.

shortened to Michelle Yeoh. Ms. Yeoh was born in Ipoh. Perak. Malaysia but is now based in Hong Kong. She is celebrated for executing her ain stunts in her action movies. Her most memorable movies are Tomorrow Never Dies ( 1997 ) .

a James Bond movie and the victor of multiple Academy Awards. the Chinese wuxia movie Crouching Tiger. Hidden Dragon ( 2000 ) . For this movie entirely Ms. Yeoh had several award nominations as Best Actress at the 54th British Academy Film Awards. 20th Hong Kong Film Awards and the 37th Golden Horse Awards.

2000. She received the Best Actress award for the movie from the Toronto Film Critics’ Association Awards 2000.Jimmy ChooHe is a manner icon from Penang. Malaysia and adored the universe over. Based in London. Dato’ Jimmy Choo who was born as Choo Yeang Keat. came from a household of cobblers. Mr.

Choo’s household name is really Chow. but was misspelled on his birth certification. He made his first brace of places at age 11. He went to England to prosecute his surveies at the Cordwainers Technical College.

working portion clip as a cleansing agent at a shoe mill and at eating houses to gain financess for his surveies. He opened his workshop in Hackney. North London in 1986. Ten old ages subsequently he co-founded the Jimmy Choo Ltd. with the accoutrements editor of British Vogue. Tamara Mellon.

His store became celebrated for making attractively handmade women’s places.
His workmanship and advanced designs were so well-received that they earned him an eight-page characteristic in Vogue magazine in 1988. He was brought to international celebrity when it became known that his places were patronized by the late Diana. Princess of Wales. Jimmy Choo is now concentrating on his sole Jimmy Choo Couture line after selling 50 per centum of his interest in Jimmy Choo Ltd. From making some of the world’s most expensive places to sole vesture line. the company has expanded to include pocketbooks in their off-the-rack line. He plans to put up a shoemaking institute in Malaysia for budding cobblers and interior decorators.

Sheila MajidShe’s a widely popular Malayan vocalist who was born Shaheila binti Abdul Majid. Her name was shortened to Sheila Majid. She hails from Kuala Lumpur. Ms.

Majid is a multi-awarded R & A ; B vocalist. and has released 8 studio albums. 4 singles.

and 7 digests and has performed and recorded several albums with other creative persons. She besides released several albums in Indonesia. Japan and the United Kingdom and has performed in assorted concerts in Malaysia and abroad. She won America’s International Star Search Award for Best Female Vocalist in 1986.

She was the first Malayan creative person to interrupt into the Japan market in 1990 with her individual. Sinaran and two of her albums. Emosi and Warna and holds the differentiation of being the first Malayan to keep a solo show at London’s West End at the Royalty Theatre in 1996.
Ling TanLing Tan was considered as the first internationally recognized Asiatic supermodel in the universe during the clip when Asiatic theoretical accounts were virtually nonexistent in the Western manner industry. Ling Tan’s calling as an international manner theoretical account was launched by Malayan manner interior decorator Zhang Toi.

Ms. Tan was born in 1974 in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysian and Chinese descent. When she was still actively patterning she has signed with esteemed bureaus like IMG of New York. Riccardo Gay of Milan and Elite of Paris.

She appeared in several ad runs for international beauty merchandises and apparels by international interior decorators such as Emporo Armani. Bruno Magli. Guess.

Old Navy and Banana Republic. which were antecedently modeled by Caucasic. She late came out of retirement to pattern for the Fall 2010/Winter 2011 Paris Fashion Week for Givenchy.
Amber ChiaThe manner and film industry denizens became haunted with pouty lips and Malaysia has its ain manner theoretical account whose most defining characteristic were her lips. which were like that of Angelina Jolie’s in Amber Chia. Amber was born in Ipoh but spent her turning up old ages in Tawau. a metropolis in Sabah. East Malaysia.

She started patterning at age 17 back in Kuala Lumpur and rose to fame when she became a finalist in the Guess Watch’s set Ambassador – Timeless Beauty Contest in 2004. Ms. Chia was subsequently voted as Model of the Year in 2004 and 2005 by the Malayan International Fashion Awards. She created contention when she posed for the Indonesian version of Playboy Magazine although all she was fully-clothed in all her images. She is still active as a theoretical account.

She late gave birth to her first boy and had opened her ain mold academy.
Nicolas TeoSinger-actor Nicolas Teo is Penang’s green embassador to distribute consciousness on the increasing figure of environmental issue. Teo was selected by the province authorities due to his broad fan-base in his place state and the Asean part. Nicolas Teo was born Zhang Dong Liang. He besides goes by the name Nicolas Zhang.

Although he is presently based in Taiwan he was born in Kuching. Sarawak in Malaysia.
He was analyzing in Taiwan when he was voted as the best vocalist in a competition among all of Taiwan’s universities and was approached to subscribe up with a record company as a backup vocalist. He went back to Malaysia without completing his surveies and competed in the 2002 Astro Talent Quest where he won first topographic point. And as they say. the remainder is history.

He foremost signed up with Music Street/Warner Music and is presently a entering creative person of Singapore-based Musicstreet. Pte’s Play Music. He has released 6 albums. 2 EPs. 2 play OSTs and has appeared in Taiwan play Smiling Pasta and Invincible Shan Bao Mei and Four Gifts. Teo has besides appeared in several films and received many nominations and awards for his music and have endorsed several popular merchandises. He is fluid in Mandarin.

English. Malay. Cantonese and Hokkien.


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