Man with the Movie Camera and Kinoks Essay

Vertex takes the Kink-eye as perfect and superior to that of the human eye. The scene where the woman washes her face while here eyes were opening and closing then the camera lens opens and closes, it emphasizes that the camera lens is like the human eye but the better version of human sight. What makes it different from the human eye according to Vertex is that it records and transcends time and space. He believed in the concept of filming factual real life moments and not fiction. In Man tit the Movie Camera there is no acting.It is an arrangement of images that is skillfully combined together to create a visual phenomena of fresh perceptions that one will not get to see with the naked eye. Vertex was interested in creating a new world with film making and therefore uses editing like double exposure, split screens, tracking shots, slow and fast motion, because this was not how the human eye saw ordinary things.

He did not want to copy what he states as the humans eye’s work but instead liberating what we get to see by drifting away from copying by being experimental.By Verso’s editing, he gets to create visuals of what he think is best suited for the viewer to see and how they see it therefore carrying the viewers eyes. Vertex highlights the importance of editing in the film. In the Man with the Movie Camera the scenes of the cutting of hair representing the cutting of images in film, sewing representing the editing of putting images together and finally sharpening of the axe, filing of the nails, cleaning of the shoes represents the fine tuning final touch ups of the film. Those scenes emphasized the production of how movies are edited and ‘cleaned up’.

These scenes are what are known as linkage editing which creates intellectual montage. Another example of intellectual montage was the divorce scene. The screen split with the top half having a tram coming towards you the viewer and then the bottom half has the tram moving across the screen, the different directions in which the trams are shown represents a split, two individuals taking two different paths. The film being aware of itself by the camera always being visible is Versos way of wowing us the craft of film making the hole the camera man dug to film a passing train from underneath the train.The Man With The Movie Camera is a film that Vertex literally show us his view on cinema. He views technology and industrialization as a positive aspect, therefore linking editing of film with other modes of production.

His praise for technology is the glorification he gives the camera and even though he gives credit to the cameraman and the production process of film, but by stating that the cameramen entrust himself to the camera makes the camera I tests superior to that tot man.


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