How to Manage Your Own Performance in a Business Environment Essay

The purpose and benefits of planning your workload is mainly so you are managing your time effectively and are able to plan your day, Time Management is a very important as your time on each task can be limited within a fast paced environment. I personally use a “To Do” list which is an excellent way of planning and identifying all the tasks you need to complete within a specified time frame. I would usually write a daily list in order of importance with a “must do”, “should do” and “could do” columns, I would then deal with the urgent matters first, daily tasks second and finally the trivial tasks if I had time any remaining task would then be carried over to the following day.

This will also enable me to delegate any tasks to colleagues as and when necessary.In my work environment I am very much accountable for my own actions as I am the only member of staff that carries out my role, although I am still accountable to my centre manager to provide cover or carry out additional tasks as and when needed. In certain scenarios this can affect my own workload in these cases I have to ensure my manager is fully aware of my workload in order to provide me with the additional time I may need to complete those tasks. I feel that being accountable to others for my own work is very important; this assists the management team and colleagues alike so they are able to delegate a task to myself and know who is responsible for this if this is not completed within the given timescale.

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It also ensures that the right person can be consulted should a member of staff or management have a problem with the task or need to ask speak to the member of staff in particular who completed the task, should a complaint of query arise this process will ensure a fast resolution.In a workplace, you will need to be able to negotiate realistic targets at work and explain why you are doing so. The importance of setting targets is so that we don’t get overloaded with work and end up not achieving any of the things we originally set out to do. We can also end up becoming very stressed out and in turn not do our job to the best of our ability. If we do not set any targets at all for ourselves we may end up not completing tasks that we need to complete which in turn can affect your credibility at work.

We can negotiate realistic targets for ourselves by being straight about the amount of work you can handle within the given deadline when talking with colleagues or management this way you will gain respect from your workmates and also be in control of your workload.If you make the target too easy for yourself, you will not be pushed to your full ability and this will be clear for your manager to see on the other hand if you make your target impossible to reach your manager will be unimpressed by your inability to work out how long you needed and the fact that you have missed your own deadline. I plan my day by ensuring all times when I am busy delivering training are communicated to all members of the team by using Microsoft Outlook’s shared calendar and sending regular email updates. I then plan my daily tasks around that time and advise my manager when I am free to complete any other tasks she may require of me due to providing staff cover on regular occasions.In certain situations at the workplace problems can occur, in my particular sector this can be in all manner of different areas such as providing staff cover for an unexpected absence. This can lead to disruptions in my own work schedule which can take up the time that is originally allocated for other tasks. Another problem that may occur can involve direct customer complaints which in turn create extra work for staff, this also disrupts any appointments that are booked in with my colleagues and create additional disruptions for managers.

Administration errors can also occur which create additional problems in the workplace and for the customer; it is imperative that we all demonstrate willingness to work as part of a team to avoid/solve these problems. I also plan an additional 30 minutes of my time each week to try to ensure that any outstanding work due to unforeseen problems can be completed, I also utilise the staff shared calendar to see if any other members of the team may have time to assist or advise me and vice versa.It is imperative within a work place to ensure all staff are aware of any changes, such as with planned training dates, holidays and sickness, this way everyone is fully aware of the situation and know what tasks they have to do over the course of the day as well as any additional tasks they may be allocated so they are able to plan their own time accordingly. In my job role, there are certain cases where various members of staff are involved in the development and progress of specific customers.

This means that I have to ensure all changes and updates are communicated to those staff to ensure the staff member can keep an accurate account of that customer’s progress. My own progress with administration duties is reported to my managers and colleagues via email and various other correspondences this enables them to keep up to date records and allows my manager to track my progress towards my set targets.I regularly self- evaluate my own progress to locate and recognise any potential mistakes or areas that may need further improvement, this is important as it ensures a productive working atmosphere, less customer complaints and less disruptions to planned work-loads. It also allows me to use my time more effectively as I am constantly updating my weaker areas which enable me to work more efficiently.In my job, I deal with a variety of different learners with mixed abilities, ages and backgrounds. It is important that we safeguard our staff and customers and also have strict policies on equal opportunities, bullying and harassment and health and safety, procedures ensure that everybody deals with things in a similar way which ensures consistency. Guidelines are also in place so that each member of staff is aware of their own roles and responsibilities which ensures accountability.

It is important to set high standards in your work as this maintains the level of customer service provided to your clients is of the best standard and ensures that you are working to the best of your ability which also contributes towards your credibility to management and colleagues alike. It also demonstrates that you enjoy your job and in my case contributes to my own personal job satisfaction. You can regularly monitor your own performance in order to discover new methods of achieving better standards. These ideas can be suggested as new ways of providing a better or more economical solution in order to achieve the best standard of service possible, management within my workplace are always willing to listen and trial better or more efficient ways to improve staff and companywide standards.During a working day, it is possible that you may have to deal with additional stresses and strains that may occur over the course of the day such as customer complaints, unforeseen events (Such as un-planned meetings) or additional work being delegated to you.

It is important that you are to keep yourself calm, composed and focussed on the task at hand, sometimes I have been known to take a short 5 minute break and go back to the task just to give myself time to absorb fully what it is I need to do and how to go about doing this.In my role, I have to also be able to deal with setbacks and plan my time effectively to ensure these setbacks are addressed, I regularly have correspondence with managers and internal checks carried out on any training I deliver which I receive comprehensive feedback for. This way I can ensure these setbacks are corrected with the customers. I get constructive criticism and praise from my manager which helps me grow in my professional capacity and take on new challenges within the workplace.Assertiveness is a vital attribute for an office worker. It is crucially important, however, not to confuse assertiveness, with aggression, selfishness, rudeness, or stealing other people’s thunder.

Assertiveness is more about self-reliance, and resourcefulness, the abilities that help you to work independently, with minimal supervision. This is a valuable, and valued, skill in any employee. Assertion means not being afraid to ask the necessary questions, to enable you to do your work.

It also means that you are resourceful, and take responsibility for knowing where to go and who to ask, for information, or for the things that you need to complete any task. If you are assertive, you are not too shy to ask those, who are superior to you, for the answers that you need to complete your task successfully. Within my particular work environment we have to be assertive in dealing with customer complaints, administering training to customers who constantly fail to attend and partaking in team meetings.It is common that changes may occur within my workplace due to contract or legislation changes, it is important that we embrace these changes and accept any new challenges that may arise. Adaptability is a skill that employers look for in their employees therefore it is important to demonstrate this during periods of change within the workplace. All staff work together to ensure that changes are as stress-free and as smooth as physically possible to ensure clarification to all staff and minimal disruptions.

Assertiveness is a vital attribute for an office worker. It is crucially important, however, not to confuse assertiveness, with aggression, selfishness, rudeness, or stealing other people’s thunder. Assertiveness is more about self-reliance, and resourcefulness, the abilities that help you to work independently, with minimal supervision.

This is a valuable, and valued, skill in any employee.In every organisation in the country, employees are expected to work productively alongside a variety of people including those from different backgrounds with different ideas and attitudes. In the worst workplaces this mixture can be volatile and result in back- biting, arguments and power struggles but in the majority of workplaces staff treat each other with honesty, respect and consideration on an everyday basis. This promotes good working relationships, increases team moral and makes it a more productive atmosphere to work in. We have strict policies with regards to ensuring we promote team moral and respect each other’s skills and abilities.I try to ensure that I am honest with each and every piece of information I give even if this is even if some of this criticism is negative. I always promote feedback and constructive criticism to all staff, this enables staff to address weak area and be praised for stronger areas.

I respect the wishes and requests of my colleagues and always attempt to accommodate them where I can, this means our team are multi-skilled and can cover various roles should the need arise. In certain situations I am required to support staff members with tasks that I would not normally undertake, this is important so that every member of the team feels supported by their co-workers. This can also prevent stress or additional problems in the workplace, the benefits of this are a more co-ordinated and happy workplace where all staff take accountability for their actions but feel able to ask for more support if necessary.


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