Management Ethics ; Social Responsibility Essay

* Cultural practices affect or connect people’s ethical behavior There are some cultural practices that affect or connect people’s ethical behavior. One example is the issue of abortion in the Philippines. People are arguing with this moral issue because some people specially those who are member of catholic religion are highly disagreeing about it but some of people in a particular part of the issue broadly agree on everything else. Peoples connect if their conversation have been properly discussed and come with the same decision.How does an employee cope with changes in the work place Employee cope with the changes in the work place by accepting the fact that change is under way and they must bear in mind that every changes does not mean negative impact on their job, they must motivate their self and think that it is only a challenge that they need to pass through.

Here is some guidelines offers for coping with changes. * Develop support relationships at work and home. People with friends on whom they can rely during stressful times experience fewer negative effects of the stress change can bring.They also remain healthier, are more successful, and live longer. * Take care of yourself.

Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and get enough rest. Take time to relax with friends and family. Enjoy your hobbies. Listen to your body. If you don’t think these suggestions are important, look around at others who aren’t using them. You’ll soon discover just how important these basic wellness tips are. * Build self-esteem. There is only one you.

You have special talents and interests. List what you like about yourself and note your special talents. Also, list what you appreciate about family and friends.Tell them and make them feel good, too. * Be open and flexible. Knowing that change can happen at any time helps you accept and adjust when it occurs. Most people are eager to settle into comfortable routines. Realize that your present routine may only be temporary.

* Keep your “sunny side” up. The old song went something like, “Accent the positive and eliminate the negative. Keep on the sunny side of life. ” A |aasspositive attitude helps you feel good about yourself, goes a long way toward improving your health, and helps you deal with changes that come along.

Take control of your life. What can you do now that will help you cope with the changes in your life? Make a list of options. What are the positive and negative outcomes of each choice? Practice finding the good in each of life’s changes. It’s not what happens to you that causes you to be happy or unhappy; it’s how you react to what happens.

Your reaction governs the outcome. Take charge of your thoughts and actions. * Site and discussed ethical issues in education today and propose solution One issue in education today is about the School Uniforms.

School uniforms have been a topic for debate for many years among educators, students and parents. How to handle the way students dress at school,and if it needs to be handled at all is still a matter of opinion. At the end of the day, there are only a few options when it comes to forming a permanent uniform solution at any school. All options have their advantages and disadvantages, meaning the debate are likely to continue for some time. The solution that I may propose is to implement one school uniform for all school departments.The advantages of having a specific school uniform include a lack of peer pressure to conform to current fashions and the expense; prevention of dress-identified obvious gang affiliation; easy identification of intruders; and avoidance of students allowing the way another student is dressed to take away from their personality or how they are liked. * Discussed why motivation is essential among employee in the working place Motivation is important among employee because without motivation there will be no harmony relationship inside the company.Employees should be motivated to enjoy working relationship and good business outcome.

Employee are satisfied by these factors, such as work environment, advancement opportunities, feeling as though they are part of a greater good, recognition for a job well done and having managers who value their contributions to the company. Companies that consciously enact strategies to create a culture of employee motivation are the companies that attract and retain the best talent and surpass their corporate goals. SORSOGON STATE COLLEGE School of Graduate Studies DONSOL EXTENSION GRADUATE STUDIES PROGRAMSecond Semester, 2012- 2013 CULTURAL DIFFERENCIES Course: Master of Arts in Management Major in Administration & Supervision Subject: Management Ethics & Social Responsibility Topics: CULTURAL DIFFERENCIES Professor: Prof.

Librada H. Esplana, Ph. D. Discussant:Ms. Jean Christine G. Mira Cultural differences- are the variations in the way of life, beliefs, traditions and laws between different countries, religions, societies and people.

Many people see culture as an all encompassing overview of large groups of people. However, the word culture can be used to describe the way of life of much smaller groups.The most common meaning of culture, as suggested, is that of large groups of peopleand how their lifestyles and beliefs differ; this is where cultural differences come in. Where we live and what we believe has a great impact on all aspects of our life whether we realise it or not. Some of the differences between cultures are enforced by internal rules (such as legal age of marriage) whereas others just happen through many years of development towards a certain way over another (e.

g. Eating with knives and forks). Some examples of cultural differences include; – Clothing – Many cultures can be identified by their clothing.For example, Sikh men who wear turbans. – Food – Some cultures are not allowed to eat pork. Most cultures have traditional dishes. For example, in the UK they eat a Sunday roast and Full English Breakfast.

– Language – Different countries tend to have their own language and methods of communication. However, there are also sub cultural differences, such as regional accents or sign language. – Rules/ Laws – Cultures can often be recognised by the regulations they have to live by. However, lesser known rules can prove problematic. For example, tourists unaware of local custom may be arrested for inappropriate behavior.Cultural differences are important to identity and to provide us with a sense of belonging.

A person’s culture is often very important to them and will have usually been a part of them since birth. Like the classic Russian doll, larger groups such as continents, countries, cities, towns, villages and varying demographics of the inhabitants therein may each house their own culture, and so with so many differing cultures and sub-cultures through-out the world there are bound to be misunderstandings when it comes to interpretation of cultural differences.It is by knowing the meaning of cultural differences that such situations can be avoided. * What is culture? Culture in this particular context is an intrinsic way of life that has commonly, though not necessarily consciously evolved and been agreed upon by the people within a particular group. This may have been cultivated over many thousands of years such as in the example of Australian aboriginal culture or over just a few years as can be evidenced in the different cultures between generation gaps. Why should I care about cultural differences? There are loads of reasons why people should be concerned with learning about cultural differences.

* Like what? Firstly, it can be a fascinating subject to study; there are so many cultures throughout the world, with their own unique idiosyncrasies that some are simply breathtaking and in some cases so far removed from our own culture that we can’t help but look on in awe, disgust or confusion. * I’m simply not that interested in other people’s cultures, I’m fine as I am thanks.It can also be a great benefit, when meeting people from other cultures as it will give an insight into their customs and as previously hit upon, avoid unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings. * I don’t go abroad so what do I need to know about different cultures for? Cultures aren’t simply the differences between nations, there can be differences within communities within your own back yard. Youth culture for instance has given birth to a vast array of vernacular and new definitions to common words, which if unknown might cause offense where none is intended


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