Management of Industrial Relations Essay

Industrial relations is seen as the most subtle and complicated crisis of current Industrial society. It Is Impossible for any organization to have harmonious working environment unless and until there Is a heedful relationship and cooperation with labors.Hence, it is vital for all to have appropriate interest in generating fine relations between the two actors known as employers and employees.

This essay will elaborate on the controversial issues such as, strike and absenteeism followed by owe these issues affects the actors mainly employer, employee and entire population either directly or indirectly In their daily lives and whether does this Issues have positive or negative Impact on them.To begin with, Industrial relation Is considered to be a diverse field which Is viewed in different perspectives by three distinctive schools where in unitary school, industrial relations see employer-employee relationships essentially harmonious and conflict is seen as the intrusion, Pluralist perspective accepts expected conflicts and variety of groups will compete with evergreen interests, objectives and aspirations and through Marxist viewpoint there is a perpetual conflict between the two actors because of the unfair distribution of wealth and power between them.All these diverse nature portrayed by each school has some controversial Issues that Is related with Industrial relations thus, affecting everybody either directly or indirectly. Moving on, the controversial issues are mainly the industrial conflicts in an organization and the most popular one is “strike’ which is a strong weapon utilized by labor alliance or trade unions in regards to getting heir certain demands to be fulfilled.Generally, group of workers relinquish the production process and brings up pressure on the employer In order to get their demands accepted. The most obvious effect of strike on employer Is that production schedules are disrupted and production capacity lowers. This “directly” affects the employers, employees and also the state whereby, employees lose out on working days and because of this, production and profit is forgone to the employers and once profitability level is down there is a huge tax loss by state.Hence, this also indirectly” affects the general public whereby, inflation takes place since there is product scarcity as production disturbance Is caused through strike and as a result, the public faces disruption of certain goods and services.

Mostly due to strike there can be a severe economic and social effects and costs which can generally affect the actors, states and entire population.This can be supported through an event that had happened in 1959 in Fijian oil Industry where workers strike for higher wages and benefits like; sick leave and 40 hour workweek; “The strike was held for complete days in which all the gasoline stations were under stoppage since the fuses were gasoline stations the essential transportation services like bus and taxis also went on strike in order to pressure the employers to accept the demands and also to commence the service soon. This affected the general public since they were deprived from transportation services.Later, the striking crowd grew and because of their demands still not being answered, workers threw rocks at the Europeans. This caused social cost since other shops located beside the gasoline stations were also imaged by the rock thrown and since the curfew was established later therefore, innocent people available near the scenic area also got victimized and had to taken to hospital hence causing social cost where they had to seek medical attentions by doctors” (Global Nonviolent Action Database). On the other hand, strike also has positive impacts whereby it can significantly progress the lives of workers together with their families.Benefits may include where the employees might lose their wages for the certain days but they achieve more in regards to longer terms for example, wrought strike employees bargains an increment of 5% in their wage rate for an year then basically upcoming increases will be supported by larger amounts. Furthermore, absenteeism and attendance are also importance to industrialized society.

Largely, absence from work creates extensive range of consequences on the workers, workplace, the industrial operations, and also the stipulation of goods and services to society. T characterizes a form of momentary revoke from the organization by the employees which enforces essential costs on the process of labor management. Absenteeism is due to many reasons such as Job stress, personal attitude or Job satisfaction but at the same time it also affects generally.

This stands out to be the alarmingly high cost to management. This is evident when glanced at some foreign countries like Australia where industries “through absenteeism lost thirty times the number of working days than strike and eventually loosing approximately $7 billion annually. Similarly, American industries also encountered it where “approximately $40 billion is lost annually’ (Gorilla, MAGMA, course book). Hence, profitability level is at risk and states lose out on tax.

Likewise, employees also lose out where due to absenteeism they might get terminated or dismissed from the employment contract that they were under and as a result, they will be left unemployed and largely it will affect their family since they might not be able to gain access to basic food items for their survival in future thus leading them to poverty.Looking at the population, they will be deprived from non-availability of certain goods and services thus, rise in price of products, leads to a drop in purchasing power and generally low income earned by retail shops. However, being left from work for nine basis can be advantageous for individuals and also for the workplace.

It approaches to help in reducing the risk of injuries not only to employees but permits a productive workplace, through sick leave employers are able to get rid of workplace stress and other disorders, and also maintains productive workforce.For instance, an employee is ill but is trying not to affect the Job that is being given therefore, that might affect other employees as that illness can be infectious, making the certain employees ill at the same time thus, more sick leaves are being utilized, eventually effecting the production level for a week or so. Categorized in diverse nature which stands out to be occupied with controversial issues which is in a form of conflicts mainly known as strike and absenteeism.

These issues do have both negative and positive impacts on the entire population and employer, employee and also the state where they have to pass through economic and social costs. Eventually, to get rid of these issue and to have a healthy workplace policies must be revised and established hence, having a productive workplace and employers benefit the most which at last promotes betterment to state and the population. Bibliography Invalidates. Swarthmore. Deed, (2014).


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