Management Qantas Essay

John Brochette must handle the employees especially who appear to be low in motivation.

Since taking to the skies in 1920, Santa has been proud fits reputation as the safest airline in the world. To increase this achievement, the Santa leadership team identified the need to improve employee safety and committed to deliver the same performance in professional health and safety as their outstanding record in the air.For achieving that goal, Santa required the organization to handle such challenges s 0-Employee injuries occurring every year. -High loss of productivity. -Unsatisfactory workplace safety audit results by Government agencies.

-High costs in equipment damage directly related to workplace safety incidents. Santa makes a safety improvement program called “be safe! ” was developed to achieve the goal of “No Injuries to Anyone at Any Time. ” To make this program Santa make a relationship with DuPont as their partner to help manage the behavioral safety.Known as People Safe, this initiative has been instrumental in driving the safety cultural reform process across Santa. People Safe was initially launched across the high risk or high cost divisions of Catering, Customer Service (Cabin Crew), Airports, Freight and Engineering Technical Operations & Maintenance Services. Under the stewardship of DuPont, People Safe included the program, for example: – A comprehensive assessment of Santa’ existing safety management performance. Santa executives, managers, supervisors and leading hands received training through a series of interactive workshops, complemented by in-field coaching and mentoring. – A safety review and management structure was introduced to drive and then port activity from all operations to the Executive Committee.

-Progress evaluations were conducted on a regular basis. – Leading indicators were developed to link leadership behaviors and skills to a reduction in injuries. Safety improvements were communicated via divisional forums, Santa News and the intranet. – Managers began talking to employees about safety as they personally conducted safety observation tours. – Each member of the Santa Executive Committee developed a Personal Safety Action Plan and began reporting the safety performance of their segment to the Board. However, it was the integration of safety into everyday business activities by senior managers that generated most momentum and enthusiasm for safety.

People Safe has now been extended to include the remaining business divisions within Santa, including Regional Airlines, Starters, Australian Airlines, Technical Crew and Office-based Staff. As well as reducing the number and severity of incidents that unhurt employees and cause them to miss work, “be sate! ” NAS been a great catalyst tort engaging the workforce and making Santa a more productive workplace rather than their competitors.


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