Managing Growth Essay

Sunflower Nutraceuticals ( SNC ) operates on a really tight hard currency flow. The yesteryear has non been had resources to remain above the H2O. SNC has been looking at some new undertakings and for the past nine old ages the undertakings and their impact on SNC’s fiscal impact has been tracked. In the first stage of these new undertakings two were applied to SNC.

Geting a New Customer

Atlantic Wellness was acquired as a new client. Gross saless were increased significantly which in return besides increased histories receivable and stock list balances. This was a good determinations because as gross revenues increase so does income. Extra histories receivable and stock list can do more overhead but can ever be controlled.

Leveraging Supplier Discounts

With a new client top-line growing was achieved. With the added disbursals of more histories receivable and stock list needs the hard currency flow for these three old ages was drained. It was nevertheless. offset by an added addition in EBIT due to favourable contracts.

For the following three old ages two more undertakings were acquired. After the rapid addition in top-line growing and the additions it showed. SNC decided to prosecute a new undertaking that put SNC’s merchandises into Mega-Mart Inc. retail. This one time once more increased top-line growing which drives gross revenues higher. it systematically strained the EBIT.

Developing a Private Label

Since retail has immersed for SNC a private label seemed logical to stand out for consumers. Get downing the stigmatization procedure for SNC. The sale of the private label drove EBIT up once more equilibrating out the following three old ages.

The concluding three old ages and the concluding undertakings were critical. Since one undertaking after another has off-set each other there is still a demand to increase SNC’s hard currency flow and gross revenues.

Bad Customer

Geting a high hazard client was a determination made with careful consideration. Since EBIT and net income were stable. gross revenues was the following thing that needed to increase. Taking on Midwest Miracles increased the gross revenues volume but the impact on the histories receivables were big. Now there is talk in the concern circle that Midwest Miracles is looking to register chapter 11 bankruptcy. This now leaves SNC with the option of perchance composing off a part of the histories receivable that has non been collected.


The undertakings that were adapted by SNC showed that the fiscal resources can be forecasted and balanced with the right sum of research. Along with the additions and stabilisations SNC’s available recognition line that was negative in 2012 when the fiscal restructure undertakings started remained steady through 2021. The entire current assets besides increased each twelvemonth turn outing to SNC’s stockholders that a rapid addition in the value of the company has happened.

Working Capital Effectss

“In concern accounting. working capital is a benchmark step of your company’s ability to run into its short-run duties. It’s calculated by taking your business’ current assets and deducting its current liabilities. Current assets are those that can or will be converted to hard currency in the following twelvemonth. The major current assets are hard currency. histories receivable and stock list. Current liabilities are duties that must be fulfilled within the following twelvemonth. For a typical company. the major current liabilities are histories collectible. accrued liabilities ( such as rewards earned by workers but non yet paid. or rent disbursals incurred but non paid ) . and debt payments” ( Chron. 2012 ) . SNC’s entire liabilities were up after the nine old ages of undertakings.

The Effect of Revenue Increase on Working Capital. ( 2014 ) . Retrieved from


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