Manifest Destiny was created by the American writer John L

Manifest Destiny was created by the American writer John L. O’Sullivan. He first used it in the New York Democratic Review in 1845. This describes what most Americans in the nineteenth century believed was their God-given mission. This was to expand westward while occupying a continental nation and extend the United States constitutional government to unenlightened people. This God-given mission was the driving force behind the rapid expansion of America into the West from the East. It was highly promoted in city newspapers and put on posters.
The Manifest Destiny was not an official government policy, but it did have a critical impact on the foreign policy of the United States. This encouraged Westward colonization and territorial purchases. This Westward expansion led to America’s rapid purchases of the old Mexican southwest and the Oregon territory. These purchases were part of President James K. Polk’s expansionistic campaign promises. James K. Polk was mostly interested on westward expansion. He wanted to be able to officially claim the southern part of the Oregon Territory, annex the American southwest away from Mexico and annex Texas. This later led to a lot of Mexicans, Native Americans and United States citizens to suffer. The Texas War of Independence from Mexico grew many tensions between the independent nations on the North American continent as Texas became a United States state.
The Manifest Destiny affected the foreign policy of the United States through President Polk appointing John Slidell Louisiana as minister to Mexico. He instructed him to offer up thirty million dollars to settle the disputed claims and purchase California and New Mexico. This need to own all of the land led to an economic depression that is known as the Panic of 1837.
Americans were motivated to seek economic and land opportunities in places such as California. The Gold Rush attracted many Americans because there was a chance of them striking rich. James Marshall found gold while working for John Sutter at his ranch in California in 1848. This later became the famous Suters Mill. After this gold finding was announced to people across the nation they too wanted to find gold and become rich. The population increased by eighty-six thousand over the course of two years.


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