Man’s Responsibility Essay

Man has the ability to do as G-d does, create, and it is because man exercises this ability that he has full responsibility for what he creates and for those around him. The novels Frankincense by Mary Shelley and Frankincense’s Cat by Emily Anthems are good examples of the morals behind this. The novels stress the point for taking responsibility for your creation and how man does not respect the animal kingdom around him.

In Frankincense, Mary Shelley has Victor ignore his responsibilities for the monster e creates, which leads to his demise, showing Shelley view of how many should take full responsibility of what he creates. Victor shows this complete lack of responsibility by expressing his singular focus in the experiment of recreating life. He states his intentions in saying “l had worked for nearly two years. For the sole purpose of infusing life into an inanimate body’. (Shelley 55) Frankincense had been completely oblivious to the side effects of his experiment, and did not consider if by bringing something to life that it would have feelings.

He only focused if it was possible to create life artificially. Frankincense soon understood that by carelessly creating life, something that is considered the role of G-d, that he would suffer for it. He admits to his mistake in saying “l ardently wished to extinguish that life which I had so thoughtlessly bestowed”. (93) In Frankincense’s Cat, Emily Anthems also feels that man should take full responsibility for that in which he creates when looking at the Beltsville Pig, a pig genetically altered for increased profitability.

Anthems discusses that scientists performed experiments that would genetically alter pigs so that they would gain weight like humans; faster and by eating less food. The pigs suffered by these experiments by having major afflictions such as; “Joint diseases, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes… And more. ” (Anthems 50) Again like Frankincense, the scientists behind the Beltsville pigs ignored the side effects of their experiment and the pain it could bring by solely focusing on the personal gain of the experiment, which in this case was profitability.

The scientists were irresponsible for the world around them. However Anthems also explains how man does try to be responsible of their actions by creating the Environing which “excretes less phosphorus [which]… Makes its way into streams, lakes, and rivers… [killing] fish and other aquatic organisms” (50) The Environing show how man does take responsibility for their actions, which in this case is the large production of pigs for slaughter which hurts the environment. By raising environmentally safe pigs man does not hurt the pigs as well as saves the ecosystem round them.

Shelley and Anthems are right to think that man not taking responsibility for their actions is wrong. Thankfully man can be both destructive and constructive when it comes to the use of Biological science. Frankincense recreated life, something man has always wished to do. It’s because he used his discovery wrong and did not take responsibility that it failed him. Man needs to think more closely when it comes to side effects so that Biotechnology will become a science that brings good.


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