Many people believe in heroes

Many people believe in heroes, there selfless and will sacrifice themselves for others lives. ‘The Hero’s Journey is a classic plot with certain structure which usually leads to the hero doing a great big deed. In Kung Fu Panda, the hero of the story Po, lives in a small noodle shop with his so called father and is miserable, this part of the story is called ‘The Ordinary World’. When Po finds out that the Dragon Warrior is being chosen by master oogway while he was working, he attempted to rush to the jade palace, but to his father’s influence, he unwillingly takes the noodle cart and is late to the event. He tried to get in but he ended up using fireworks to get over. That resulted in him falling to the ground and unexpectedly being chosen as the Dragon Warrior by master Oogway to fulfill an ancient prophecy. This is the 2nd step named ‘Call To Adventure’, meaning Po is being called to the adventure. Even though Po was a big fan of the furious five, he never thought of being the Dragon Warrior. They were once and still are his idols but now Tigress, monkey, mantis, viper and crane fight alongside him, maybe not in the start of the movie, but now they are At this point Po is ready and excited to become the Dragon Warrior, but he overhears a conversation of the furious five and is discouraged to be a hero. This is where he refuses the call. When master shifu steps in and doesn’t let Po leave, Po overcomes his struggles and learns Kung Fu. This is where Po meets his mentor Master Shifu. Although Po has already seen Master Shifu, he wasn’t as encouraging as is now.


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