Mao writes about detailed strategies on using guerilla tactics

Mao writes about detailed strategies on using guerilla tactics, and the use of using weaker force against a larger one in “On protracted war”. His writings explain that Mao would favor small assaults on the Japanese supply lines instead of larger confrontations. Mao recognized the nationalist use of the large battles, but offered an alternative means of resistance. Mao would then further describe that when the Chinese army growing powerful enough, the guerrilla warfare methodology should be minimized, and conventional forces should take over the primary prosecution of the war. We can see that Washington and Greene understood this concept, especially during the southern campaign and Yorktown. The continental Army under Greene would often be divided, forcing the British under Cornwallis to spread and overstretch his army. This left the British Army vulnerable to small attacks, and would ultimately be defeated in a conventional battle in Yorktown as described by the methods of Mao.


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