Marital Bliss Essay

Have you ever sat down and thought about the evolution of marriage? If we take a quick look, It seems very unreal to say that marriage does and as changed over the last centuries.

There was a time where married couples took the time to write love letters, there was a time where married couple took the time to go out. But as the world around us evolved, so did technology. As technology evolved, it became easier to do daily errands. But at the same time, it made us “lazar, which had an effect on those wow were married.No longer did marriage become meaningful. Nowadays everybody is focused on their phones and on looking at the ways other people live through social media. Being married in the 21st century often means having to deal with a vast majority of problems.

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With so many changes occurring around us constantly, it becomes hard to avoid the factors that affect us. Now, everyone seems to be focused on social media and about the life’s of others rather than caring for each other. People are also sought up always being busy with work and errands.Another factor that affects marriage in the 21st century Is also the children, with ore and m ore marriages between people with different culture take place, It become very hard to raise a child If It the cultural aspects collapse. Yet, another reason why marriage In the 21 SST century doesn’t work out s because people get married because they are afraid of being alone. Instead of marrying the ones they really love, they get engaged with the men they don’t.

USE SOURCE 2 Arguments begin to arise when couples no longer pay attention to each other.Often times the other partner begins to feel insecure about themselves or they may begin to question homeless if they are doing a good Job on being married. A new concept that has been introduced within marriage is called marital bliss. Marital bliss is the belief that marriages can be saved and worked out if they follow certain steps and rules in order to maintain happiness and peace. Like Renee Clouding Hanson, Ph.

D. , said, If marriages are worked out together by both partners It will thrive but if not It will fall. 3) Certain ways to produce a marital bliss Is to have good communication, to listen to the partner, think It through before something Is said. The concept of marital bliss, Is n effective way of having a happy marriage, not only that but it can help save a marriages as well. Although this can be done, at the long run it depends f the married couple really want to be together or not. It is known relationships are not perfect and are not always effective. In life one is bound to have problems.

Specifically, people have their differences and once they don’t agree on something it builds a sense of inequalities and BLANK. It is said that problems are only meant to make two people stronger but for some other people, having arguments and inequalities destroy a relationship. Something that has been introduced to an engaged couple is prenuptial contracts. Prenuptial agreements Is defined as “a contract between two people who are about to marry regarding their respective property and support rights upon termination of the marriage by divorce or death, and sometimes regarding property rights during the marriage”. 1 Prenuptial agreement should definitely be allowed to consult upon marriage.

As the had an agreement as to what will take place after the divorce, rather than having constant arguments. Thus this prenuptial agreement, is a good idea, it can also send message to married people that it is alright to become divorce if in fact they already have the aftermath settled. In reality, this prenuptial agreement should not affect a marriage if it is tee love that they have most each other.Should engaged couples be able to sign the prenuptial agreement? Yes they should because instead of people having a marital bliss, they should face reality and understand that not all marriages work out perfectly. And instead of having a bigger problem once already divorced about the property, an agreement should be made before. If the love is real, then having sign the prenuptial agreement should not really affect the way the marriage works out.

What is marital bliss?Becoming ignorant and not facing the real problems in front of you and conforming oneself with being happy. Should you experience inequality within a marriage? Inequality and arguments are something that should definitely be present in a marriage. Married people are not 100 percent the same, or share the same likes or dislikes and might even disagree in many things, so it is important to have inequalities with in a marriage and solve them after to only make the relationship stronger.

What does it mean to choose a marriage partner in the 21st century?


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