Mark Twain Essay

AMERICAN LITERATURE – PUDD’NHEAD WILSON AND THOSE EXTRAORDINARY TWINS This story written by Mark Twain speaks about the Siamese twins farce, a touch of revenge and the search and the fingerprint plot have in common as an underlying theme of the identity problem. The Siamese twins are symbolic of this problem, two different personalities soldier with the same body, on the one hand is entinede that these siblings have a confusion of identities, and on the other to pursue and have the attempt to establish an identity.Pudd’nhead Wilson at first glance seems far from ‘Extraordinary twins’, but the connection between them, of Siamese for detection of fingerprints is actually an extension of the same topic, the problem of identity. However, Twain strengthened his book giving a tone quite ironic to this story, which adds the contradictory tone and humorous history in order to show the drama of the era of reconstruction of slavery.Subsequently, the irony is the essence of this book, through the use of irony in the setting of the novel, along with the main characters of the novel, Twain is exposing contradictory feelings of the society of slavery, and that seems to find a way to suppress these feelings of society.

The problem of identity is one of the already considered problems of this story, another aspect of this story is the duality that is symbolized by the twins that structurally reinforces the cumulative effect that has the irony. Vega 2In addition, the main theme of Twain in this book is the irony that focuses and is represented in two children enough that their currency exchange escapes detection; something essential for this book is the consideration of slavery, and allied to the criticism that this is the problem of determinism, the inheritance and the training are to some extent by the greater part of the characters, but on all of Roxana, Tom, cameras and Percy Driscoll; the problems of society, the provincialism and the cruelty of the small town also appear on all in the characterization of Pudd’nhead Wilson.These issues have contributed to the constant irony that has the book because they are essentially different aspects of the same duality, the contrast between what is and what it must be or the contrast between what appears to be true and what is really true.

In large measure, to the important incidents, characters and themes are a reflection of the difference between appearance and reality, the contrast is an irony, because the aspect that is accepted as the truth, in any case, false.Briefly, the story unfolds against an ironic backdrop, for a “fiction law”, as Twain’s calls it, makes Roxy a slave, even though she is only one-sixteenth Negro and appears to be white. Inherent in the changeling device is the same falsity of appearance, this time a double falsity and an additional rendering of slavery as an ironic background for the story.Both Tom and Chambers are white enough to be mistaken for each other; yet one of them is a slave, and the great irony of the book is that the one who appears to be the master is in reality the slave. In conclusion, to the complex point of view, as is outlined within the plot of the novel, Twain uses situational irony and the concept of twinning to show the complex and contradictory, which he denotes as arbitrary, or illogical, stances which society holds towards the rationalization of slavery and the American class system.


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