Market Segmentation Sample Essay

Find a merchandise of two illustration concerns in your state or part. from your ain experience or from your reading. If you can non happen such illustrations. utilize one or two instance surveies from your text edition or obtain one or two instance surveies from your local lector. Be certain to mention and cite the name and beginning of your instance ( s ) in your assignment study. The merchandise of one concern should be chiefly a good and the merchandise of the other concern should be chiefly a service.a ) Explain how the illustration concerns have segmented the market for its major merchandise and what its selling mix schemes are.B ) If you were the selling directors involved.

what parts of ( I ) would you make the same and what would you make otherwise? Why?Executive SummaryMarket Segmentation is an indispensable portion of the Marketing Strategy. It allows administration to efficaciously aim the relevant groups of consumers. leting for the creative activity of a more effectual selling scheme.

The scheme will steer a company to better fulfill the demands and wants of clients while making value. be it for a merchandise or service.Table OF CONTENTS1. IntroductionPage 5a ) Explain how the illustration concerns have segmented the market for its major Page 6 merchandise and what its selling mix schemes are.2. Market Cleavagea.

A ServicePage 6B. A ProductPage 8

B ) If you were the selling directors involved. what parts of ( I ) would you make the same and what would you make otherwise? Why? Page 113. ConclusionPage 124. ReferencesPage 13
IntroductionThe basic thought of selling is the procedure of placing and fulfilling the demands and wants of clients sooner at a net income. These demands can be touchable or intangible in nature and can be satisfied by a merchandise or a service.When selling for a merchandise or service.

one must understand the difference in order to develop the right attack. While a merchandise is something physical that can be seen. held. tasted. stored. a service is immaterial. it exists merely at the point in which it is used. it is a profitable activity that can be at times be hard to place since it is closely associated with a merchandise.

In this undertaking. I will place both a merchandise and service and demo how their several concerns have been able to section the relevant markets and how they were able to see the selling mix schemes. I will besides analyze how effectual their attack was and if there was room for betterment in their attack.The demand for placing market cleavage is best decribed in the text book Marketing – An Introduction by Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler – ‘Companies today recognize they can non appeal to all purchasers in the market place. or at least non to all purchasers in the same manner. Buyers are excessively legion. excessively widely scattered.

and excessively varied in their demands and purchasing practices… …Most companies have moved off from mass selling and toward mark selling: identify market sections. choosing one or more of them. and developing merchandises and selling plans tailored to each. Alternatively of dispersing their selling attempts ( the “shotgun” attack ) . houses are concentrating on the purchasers who have greater involvement in the values they create ( the “rifle” attack ) . ’a ) Explain how the illustration concerns have segmented the market for its major merchandise and what its selling mix schemes are.1. Market CleavageA company can non supply a merchandise or service to fulfill the demands of everyone.

hence when inventing a selling program for a new merchandise or service. the company will seek to split the market into smaller subdivisions of consumers with certain specific factors in common. This is known as market cleavage. The four most common countries for market cleavage are demographic.

geographic. psychological. and behavioral. A company holding segmented a market. it must now analyze this information and decide on which it will aim.

1. 1 A Service administrationIn Trinidad and Tobago we have an entity referred to as Movietowne. It was founded in 2002 and is now. 10 old ages subsequently. considered to be the figure one ( 1 ) location for amusement and leisure on the islands.

They have been able to supply an amusement Centre supplying entree to eating houses. shopping. and amusement and have grown to 3 locations with farther enlargement carded both locally and regionally in 2013.They were able to place that there was a demand in the Leisure and Entertainment industry and created a service that could fulfill this demand. They were able to determine the right combination of the selling mix variables to appeal to the wants and demands of a cross subdivision of society. The selling mix is the blend of Product.

Price. Topographic point and Promotion that concerns use to market and sell their merchandises.This mix is supported by the designation of the market sections which are broken down into four chief countries: demographic. geographic.

behavioral and psychographic elements.Demographics – its consumers are diverse as it caters to people of many different walks of life. from childs. households. elderly. the immature societal crowd.

Geographic – with 3 locations presently in really different countries they have made themselves accessible to the greater population and will go on to make so with the planned enlargementBehavioural – it provides a safe environment with offerings by established trade namesPsychographic – it caters to the center and upper category when looking at the pricing construction every bit good as the available trade names 1. 2. A merchandiseUnlike a service. market cleavage for a merchandise takes on a much different attack. A successful selling mix will ensue in the right merchandise with the right characteristics. in the right topographic point so clients can entree it. at the right clip for when it is needed.The chief elements of market sectioning are that they should be easy identifiable ; they should be mensurable.

should be different plenty in the selling mix to fulfill the demands of clients. let for a net income to be made. accessible plenty for distribution. publicity. purchase and within the guidelines of what the company stands for.Carib Brewery Limited presently holds the lead in market portion in the beer industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

The company provides a figure of alcoholic. non-alcoholic. light alcoholic drinks leting them to provide to legion demographics. The company besides distributes two major international trade names ( Guinness and Heineken ) . nevertheless their chief merchandise besides considered their signature trade name is Carib Beer.

While this merchandise is non new to the market. they continue to keep house in their lead and go on to increase their market portion by uninterrupted research and renewed market cleavage. They have recognised that we live in a changing environment where new merchandises are available on a day-to-day footing to fulfill the demands of clients and by maintaining abreast of consumer wonts they can maintain in front of the competition by seting their selling mix as required. They have introduced a new selling run and have launched their image with the inclusion of their new motto: ‘Know Who You Are. Drink What You Like’ .Old:New:They have once more segmented the market along the cardinal guidelines of demographic. behavioral.

psychographic. and geographic.Upon farther analysis these can be farther broken down:Demographic – Carib Beer’s current selling run is marks work forces between the ages of 18 – 25. . they see this as the immature approaching market and they can turn with the Beer over the old ages.Behavioural – they are playing on the civilization of the people. particularly the young person of Trinidad and Tobago. They have aligned themselves with major featuring activities every bit good.

such as boat racing. cricket amongst them and besides with a batch of the cultural events like carnival.Psychographic – their pricing is competitory for the age bracket they have targeted and low-cost as compared to the other international trade names on the market. They have branded Carib Beer as being a premium laager playing on the heads of their consumers. They have changed the expression of their packaging and have made the merchandises are available is different signifiers such as bottles or tins.

Geographic – they are available anyplace on the island. They besides have a really strong presence regionally and have targeted little but manageable parts of markets internationally.A speedy SWOT analysis on the Carib Brewery will demo some of its immediate its strengths. failings. chances. and menaces. Its major strength includes the debut and usage of province of the art machinery to bring forth its merchandises.

As stated it is presently the taking drink maker. with its major trade name is being Carib laager. and the company has shown a really high degree of corporate societal duty both locally and regionally. Though the Brand taking the markets locally and regionally. it’s failing is that it has merely penetrated the international market on a little graduated table though this can be used as an chance to spread out further in the universe markets. The company has a brotherhood presence and this at times can turn out to be a volatile environment.

with possible employee protests being a menace to company production degrees.B ) If you were the selling directors involved. what parts of ( I ) would you make the same and what would you make otherwise? Why?When I look at the consequence on the markets for both Movietowne and Carib Beer. I must state that I agree with their schemes therefore far. They have both been able to keep their market portion every bit good as continue to increase it. Their merchandises have evolved over clip and are accessible. sustainable.

and different in what they offer every bit good as mensurable.They have taken the clip to understand who their clients are and what they want. They are able to understand to whom they will sell their merchandises and what they should sell them on an ongoing footing. With this cognition they are able to set the variable of their selling mix and invent appropriate schemes to let them to go on to turn in their several industries ; they have besides recognised that their mark markets are big plenty to be able to prolong their concernsDecisionThere are a figure of advantages and disadvantages to Market Segmentation. The advantages can be understanding precisely what your client wants or demands and let for more efficient selling to them while at the same clip fulfilling the concerns selling construct. It besides allows you to aim the right consumer group particularly if your resources are limited. The disadvantages can be easy listed as being dearly-won and clip devouring with even the procedure being used.

being faulty.In the terminal the thought is to fulfill clients need and wants while making value. As stated in article “ Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Make Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant. By W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne Boston.

Harvard Business School PressThe secret to make this richer chance lies in sing client activities meticulously. This means analyzing customer’s activities. costs.

capital needs. information flows. and precedences that one can assist better by doing an of import shift- from reacting to client demands to expecting them.


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