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Marketing BY whetstone Introduction To follow the professional electronic sports, more and more normal people who are just like to play computer games start to focus on their computers and peripherals. Some of them buy computers with very high level hardware, some buy memory chips to add games’ fluency, others go to buy professional mice and keyboards for e-sports, and still others go to buy professional headsets like they are from gaming clans. There is a very famous brand for e-sports. It is called Raze.Raze wants to build the right relationships with the right customers; they are also seeking for their competitive advantages.

Because they are retailers for professional electronic games. They may focus more on customers who like to play computer games. Raze is good at producing almost all kinds of products which are necessities when players are competing. And this company introduces a new product. It is a headset called Raze Tama 7. 1 . In this report I will introduce this product in detail with relating concepts of segmenting, targeting, positioning strategies in Raze.I will also analyze this product by explain ups (Product, price, place, promotion) and ACS (Customer, cost, convenience, communication).

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Segmentation Strategy In order to build better relationships with right customers, Raze divides the market into a clear segmentation and focus on their particular segment, which may lead to better strategies for their company. Geographic segmentation: Geographic segmentation calls for dividing the market into different geographical units, such as nations, states, regions, counties, cities or neighborhoods.A company may decide to operate in one or a few geographical areas, or to operate in all areas but pay attention to geographical differences In needs and wants. Generally speaking, sales are usually conducting In first-tier and second-tier clues. Because this port is more depend on computers and networks, and Raze may think that products will get more responses in big cities. Demographic segmentation: Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender, sexual orientation, family size, family life cycle, Income, occupation, education, religion, ethnic community and nationality.Although there Is no limitation to consumers’ age for Razes products, consumers are often professional players who are generally young people. Products are all appropriate for men and women; there is no limit to gender as well.

Eraser’s points of sale always lid in electronic centers or near high-grade residential area in this city, for any a product is a little expensive for Raze compared with the same kind of product of Cryptographic segmentation: Cryptographic segmentation divides buyers into groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics.Raze thinks that there is no necessary correlation between social classes and playing e-sports. But as a professional player, they are surely not belonging to upper social class. In order to train e-sports, they should stay in a room for a very long time, so their lifestyle is completely against with upper social class. In order to adapt to this character that professional players may work for many hours, Eraser’s products are basically designed by the precondition that these products can efficiently work during enough long time.Behavioral segmentation: Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses or responses to a product. Many marketers believe that behavior variables are the best starting point for building market segments. Raze is a very famous brand in games’ world.

Although Raze sells mice, keyboards, headsets and other equipments for computers like mouse pads, but they have a very great imitation. Raze mainly produces professional players’ necessity, so Eraser’s goods are high technological and professional from the design, high performances and high level of guarantee from the quality.Some players buy it because Eraser’s design is very cool, some purchase Raze products by professional reasons, and still others buy this brand because of seeing many people use this brand, Raze. Actually, Eraser’s marketing is more like niche marketing. Niche marketing means that adapting a company’s offerings to more closely match the needs of one or more subbasements where there is often little competition. For example, Mark Warner succeeds by selling to distinct holiday niches: all-inclusive family waterspouts holidays in southern Europe to northern Europeans, and no-kids holidays for older people who want some peace and quiet.

For Raze, because they do not sell simple electronic products, they sell gaming electronic products which is one part of electronic products. And all their marketing mix is almost for customers who need good electronic products for playing games. Yet professional players are very few; if Raze Just sells products to them, Raze cannot exist. So Raze well designed its reduces, make them more fashionable and cool, to attract ordinary people following the fashion.

Targeting Strategy According to the investigation of Raze, more and more people buy Eraser’s keyboards and mice now. This is because the target segment of Raze is very special. Segments that Raze products focus on are professional player’s segment and a segment that people prefer their modeling and quality, and in these two segments, Raze is a very ideal brand. Just because Raze entered this market very early, there is not too many company can compete with them, which means substitutions are very few.Not only loud like to buy Raze for better play and also for cooler. So we should be able to think that the segment size for players will continue expanding. Therefore, we can say that they have very strong business strengths.

Positioning Strategy Eraser’s product positioning is basically about that game-players are the core of developing products. Because Raze constantly stresses itself excellent and characteristics in both game software and hardware, which makes people’s known to Raze developed as that is expected by developers.Consumers may think that Raze represents the high-grade keyboards, mice, headphones and mouse pads; and firmly live that Eraser’s products can get quicker responses, better quality and better appearance than the similar electronic products of other brands, for they may think that Raze makes electronic products is for game players victory in e-sports, with outstanding effects of hardware, participants is more stable even more outstanding when they are in the competition.Thus people may think that the brand Raze cannot be replaced in the world of games. In fact, the understanding of Raze to people basically comes from the advertising by Raze. Eraser’s advertisements always mom up scenes that related to e-sports, and from different angles (testified and dark) stressed that they make products as the standard of racing games.

This is the so- called USPS (Unique Selling Proposition) which is invented by Rouser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. As to ACS Products to Customers In ups theory, the “Product” means that according to the target market need, enterprises make the planning and decision making about the product development. Its main content is: design the function of products, quality standard, characteristics, packaging design, product brand and trademark, sales and service, warranty, and rotgut life cycle in each stage of strategy, etc. To meet users’ needs.

From ups’ “Products” transit to ACS’ “Customer”, in fact is the product developers need to pay more attention to meet the consumers demand to obtain profit is transformation of marketing concept, the end of the past production process of the market. Now Market nowadays becomes the starting point of the production process. The starting points of the marketing activities pay attention to consumer demand. Http://www. Rezone. Com/ http://en.

Wisped. Org/weightlifter_market http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/Niche_market http://www. Civic. Com/Read/Read.

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