Marketing Activities Essay

Marketing is an important element of customer service provision. All staff are involved in marketing to some extent, whether it is in the actual planning and implementation of promotions or through knowledge of such promotions and the use of effective selling skills.

One of the key issues in customer service delivery is the provision of information and advice to customers. This means that staff need to have a sound knowledge of the organisation and the products and services it offers.

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In order to provide information and advice, staff need to have a sound knowledge of the range of products and services offered by their organisation. They should be able to dispense product information that meets their customer’s needs and expectations and ensures total satisfaction. The sort of information that staff may need to be able to supply will vary according to the organisation and its customers. However, typical product knowledge might include:

* Knowledge of the company and its operating divisions

* The main features of all products and services offered

* The suitability of products and services for different types of customers

* Prices (including special offers and discounts)

* Location and direction

* Staffing

* Health and safety and security procedures

* Other local information (such as nearby attractions, medical facilities, transport etc).

Naturally no one can be expected to know the answer to every question. What is expected, however, is that staff members know where to obtain the information to answer customer queries.

There is a usually a wide range of sources available, including:

* Manuals

* Brochures and leaflets

* Guide books

* Tourist information centres

* Recorded telephone information lines

* Computerised information systems

* Maps

* Reference books

* Timetables

Thorpe Park has used many different techniques of advertising such as television adverts, radio, newspapers, internet, cinema and point of sale.

It is important for Thorpe Park to know about their competitors because it will drive them to be better than their competitors and make their employees work harder.

This newspaper article is from the Daily Star.

All the information from this article has been compiled by Thorpe Park and sent to all the newspapers. This allows Thorpe Park free advertising in a number of different newspapers which is read by a number of different people. This particular newspaper is usually only read by working class tradesmen also a high percentage of this audience is men.

This article also uses celebrities from well-known television shows such as ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’

So while also having their name mentioned in a newspaper article, they can also be linked to the popular television show through the information they have sent to this newspaper.

On the draft they send to the newspapers it has more information that the newspaper may want to use for example on the draft press release for this article they added information related to the other information. The extra information consists of topics like kiss and tell where they asked men and women if they would ‘dish the dirt’ to be famous.

Also in the press release is information about Thorpe Park so that the newspaper can use this information either in the primary article or an article in the future, and sending this information is at no cost to Thorpe Park so they send as much information as possible and let the newspaper filter out what they do no want to use.

A Draft Press Release is sent out to all newspapers which for this particular article has the base information for this article which contains all the statistics Thorpe Park have gathered. They gathered this information by asking 1000 people questions that analysed four factors that determine whether they will succeed or fail in their bid to become famous, their results show that many people desire fame but only a small minority actually have the qualities.

In addition to the base information for this article about fame, Thorpe Park have also given information about fame potential around the U.K in these regions

* Ireland

* East of England

* Yorkshire/Humber

* London

* Scotland

* South East

* East Midlands

* North West

* Wales

* West Midlands

* South West

Another campaign Thorpe Park used involved one of their sponsors, Coke.

Originally the Coke Go Summer campaign started online Customers went online to download vouchers to days out / attractions across the UK but only a small number of people redeemed this offer. The Go-Summer campaign used a variety of different drinks so that more people would see and redeem the offers rather than their original campaign online. The promotions is a 2 for 1 offer into all Tussauds attractions.

This is why they decided to use a different method of communication for this promotion. The target audience for this campaign was anyone and everyone who drank Sprite / Fanta / Oasis / Dr Pepper / Lilt.

The promotion featured on every 500ml pack of Cokes 5 core products Sprite / Fanta / Oasis / Dr Pepper / Lilt, but these offers were only available on the 500ml bottles not the larger ones. The products were not sold in the park with the offers on during the period

Every pack featured the Alton Towers logo and details on the labels so potential customers were able to check the terms and conditions of the offer before redeeming it. It also featured info on the Go Summer campaign so they could visit the site.

Every label reverse had a 2 for 1 voucher to one of Tussauds attractions not just Alton towers our attractions. Customers would just peel it off and take it to one of the attractions to redeem it.

The company produced 89 million bottles nation wide campaign promoting all Tussauds attractions not only Thorpe park, this is shown through use of Alton towers logo.

Even though all the drinks in this promotion are part of the Coca-Cola company, the drink Coca Cola itself is not being used in this promotion.

The amounts of promotional bottle distributed are shown below

Fanta Orange 15,198,349

Fanta Fruit Twist 8,860,259

Fanta Icy Lemon 5,842,638

Sprite 12,709,158

Dr Pepper 11,709,962

Lilt 5,291,257

Oasis Citrus Punch 11,349,691

Oasis Summer Fruits 13,688,754

Oasis Blackcurrant Apply 1,827,449

Oasis Lemon Lime Light 647,812

Oasis Summer Fruits Light 1,023,154

Through this promotion Thorpe Park and coca-cola had hoped that the volume of sales of each drink increased including oasis which has the lowest distribution numbers, the expected amount of redemptions for each attraction was:

Alton Towers 31,416

Chessington World of Adventures 6,160

Thorpe Park 17,864

Madame Tussauds 3,696

Warwick Castle 2,464

TOTAL 61,600

Every single label on each promotional bottles is a 2 for 1 voucher.

Upon every purchase of one of the promotional products, customers will receive from their bottle voucher.

Thorpe Parks Radio Sponsorship- Capital FM

The offer Thorpe Park was promoting with Capital FM was �15 entry to Thorpe Park from 22nd of July to 3rd September.

Radio campaigns are also very effective which is why Thorpe park sponsored a radio show in 2006 Richard Bacons drive time this was to capture all adults on their way home and also their families. The show aired between 5 and 7 on Capital radio, and was only a regional show throughout London which is within two hours of Thorpe Park, the audience they are more likely to go to the Park as it is not too far away

With this offer capital radio used information from their database to e-mail 124,000 potential Guests 71,000 of which were in the Capital VIP database and 53,000 others who gave Capital radio permission to e-mail them. Even though these e-mails have been sent to 124,000 people only 1000 were expected to redeem the offer. This type of advertising ensures Thorpe Park was heard every day during their peak season from July to September.

Data Capture is also used in connection with this promotion, data capture is on every voucher. Data capture is a way of collecting information about customers because while the customer is redeeming the voucher Thorpe Park are collecting information for their database however filling in the data capture sheet is not mandatory but they do simply suggest

‘If you would like to receive more offers and news about our attractions then fill in your details.’ This creates the impression of future promotions and cut price entry to all Tussauds attractions.

The benefits of sponsorship also include being mentioned at peak times on the radio and not only once but many time s which means that many people would be able to hear it and after hearing Thorpe Park they may go and research it can encourage future business and persuade existing customers to return or visit another one of Tussauds attractions.

Thorpe Parks TV Campaign in 2005

The most popular and beneficial way to capture the target audience is to advertise on TV and in cinemas. Thorpe Park TV campaign in 2005 was during August and the beginning of September on many different channels.

These TV adverts lasted 10 and 20 seconds long and were broadcast at all different times of the day. In 2005 all of their TV campaign focused on Stealth. The advert for stealth was 10 seconds long, the reason for this is because they wanted the advert to reflect the intensity of the ride, the 10 second advert portrayed that the ride was fast and thrilling.

Thorpe park did their TV campaign during august and September because this is during their peak periods when all children are at home, one of the spot times that would have aired to millions of people would have been during the live final of Big Brother 6. Thorpe Park chose to air their advert at this time because it reached out to their target audience.

Millions of people would have been watching this TV show so it would have benefited Thorpe Park greatly because not only are they reaching their target audience they would have been reaching parents and their need persuasion groups, during peak times if the year when they receive most of their business.







This is one of the spot times that Thorpe Park used to promote Stealth it shows what channel, the day, the date, the time, the length and what show was being aired.

Point of sale

Thorpe Park use point of sale at the park to attract customers back with other money off other upon their return or with promotions of tussauds other attractions like Madame Tussauds or Warwick castle.

Point of sale is used at the entrance when people receive their tickets, on the back of the ticket is a promotion offering �5 off to Tussauds attractions including Thorpe Park.

Throughout Thorpe Park there are posters around the rides saying that when you leave if you buy another ticket to Thorpe Park is less than half price.

Also when you leave the park some staff members are handing out vouchers and promotions to Tussauds attractions.

When customers leave the park there is sometimes members of staff who are handing out leaflets which are offering discounts or promotions these are not just for Thorpe Park but also for the other Tussauds attractions.

Hanging out these leaflets will encourage repeat business from existing customers who may also tell other people of the promotion which will increase sales.


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