Marketing Plan of Nokia Essay

This report is aimed at proposing the implementation of Cloud Computing Services on Monika Phones.

The Present market demands differentiation for the success of a product and its survival in the market. The world is going mobile, so there is a massive demand for services which are available on-demand, online when needed and at affordable prices. The implementation of this device is mainly concentrated in the Indian and African markets where still there is a huge demand for handsets at affordable prices because not everyone is financially blessed to buy an expensive mart phone.The Mobile phone enabled with Cloud Computing will be able to provide Software, Games, Synchronization and massive storage facilities on cloud servers which will be quick and easy through the applications on the handsets. Moreover, the customer will have to pay only for whatever they use instead of paying for services they do not use. A basic phone will be able to access state of art applications and software at cheaper rates in the sense for using these software’s, paying for the licenses is not required. Thus, VI services of MONIKA phones will gain popularity.

The Eye-catching prospect of this move will be MONIKA will provide all the services enjoyed by Semaphore users to the customers who use the basic model of Monika. Monika will collaborate with the local software developers and compilers in that country for software development and testing and taking care of the warehouses. Thus, this project will also serve as a platform for the budding software engineers in the local area whose software applications will be made popular through Monika phones. Moreover, the Company can buy these software at a cheaper rates rather than from International vendors.Mobile Cloud Computing is the technique of providing Services and Information in the form of applications (APS) from Virtual centralized data centers.

In short, it a meaner by which the process of making a dumb phone, a smart phone can be achieved. It will be a boon for people who are not so financially blessed to buy an expensive smart phone. Moreover, the entire processing of the mobile phone will take place on the cloud servers so, the hardware requirement is less for mobile phone and cheaper mobile phones can be manufactured.Considering the present scenario, the demand for cloud based systems is increasing ND with the likes of Apple and Google providing a pool of services in the form of APS, this is a great opportunity for the company to differentiate the offerings and shoot up the sales in countries like Africa and India which is by far the huge customer base for MONIKA Corporation. Figure: The Overview of Mobile Cloud Computing Source:(Downtown, 2011) Monika has almost 25% of the global handset market shares. After Monika, it’s Samsung with around 21 percentages.

Monika and Samsung a huge market featuring phones and smart phones. Apple Company that only sells smart phones has a share of 4% in the world handset market. There are other mobile companies like Sony Ericson, Motorola, RIM, ZIT, ETC, etc which are also included in this huge mobile business. There is a huge market for the smart phones in the upcoming years. As of 2011 first quarter, Monika leads the global smart phone market with 24 percentages and apple with 18 percentages.But the Apple’s smart phone market is rapidly increasing over the years. Market Characteristics: There is a huge opportunity in the present peak market for mobile. By the end of 2011, Mobile industry market was estimated to be around US $1.

3 trillion business all over the world. This current mobile business value will match up to 2 percentage of the global Gross Domestic Product. Customer Analysis: The current Monika customers started looking for the new stylish models and new technology. Now a days customers have a wide knowledge about the present technologies and the products that are available in the market.Thus the customers nave sat rated looking tort the alternative technology answer their needs. Competitor Analysis: that will minimize the budget and The present market of Monika is falling when compare to the growth of the Samsung and Apple handset market.

Monika finds a heavy drop in the China market by 12 million devices because of the introduction of the new domestic China make handsets. The one of the biggest competitor of Monika is Samsung. Samsung is getting larger by introducing the Android based handset series and there is an anxiety of losing the first place in the smart phone market to Samsung in the near future.Figure: Handset Market share – Second quarter 2011. Resource: (Dana, 2011) Product/ Service Offering: As a new product, Monika Corporation is planning to introduce the mobile cloud computing technology in mobile phones, which is a new era in the mobile phones.

There are some valid reasons for the customers to look for the change in the models and technologies. Storage problem- Either customer needs to pay more money for the memory that they are not using or they have a problem in upgrading the memory when need more.Processing Speed – With the present processing speed of the handset, the customers sometime faces the problem in using the high end software or mobile. Synchronization – Customers find it hard to switch product of same brand and also suffers from the loss of precious information during the time of theft and loss of the mobile phones. So in the new MONIKA handset, the customer can use unlimited storage, speed and any advanced software and also by synchronizing the mobile device to the cloud, the customers would able to access their information in any device and the information store will be last forever.


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