Marketing strategies of bisleri Essay

For any business to be competitive, the core aspect is how well the marketing strategies are defined and successfully implemented.

Only if the marketing strategies are sound enough and covers all the relevant aspects including those of the competitors, the business house will not only be able to survive in a highly competitive market but also ensure that the organizational objectives are met. In today’s competitive world where there is cut throat competition, the best of products/services fail to create an impact on the end consumers if the marketing tragedies are not correctly laid down.A classic example for the same cut throat competition which can be clearly seen In the VISIBLE Though the consumption of is not at all essential in our daily life, but because of the successful marketing strategies, the VISIBLE giants have managed to create a need for the same Is the stiff and I have always been Inclined towards the marketing field and since I have a flair for marketing, these were one of the best companies which I could choose from. The VISIBLE giants are a classic example of the marketing airfare prevailing across the globe.Marketing strategy Is the complete and unbeatable plan, designed specifically for attaining the marketing objectives of the firm/business unit. The marketing objectives indicate what the firm wants to achieve; the marketing strategy provides the design for achieving them.

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Chapter 1 – Introduction Chapter 2 – Operation of Visible Chapter 3 – Scope of Visible Chapter 4 – The Meaning & Significance of Marketing Strategy A) Marketing Strategy . Marketing strategy Realizes the Marketing objectives What Market Segments to Serve?And What Product Offers to Make 2. The Growth Path: Market Penetration? Market/Product Development? 3.

Who are My Competitors? Whom to Compete, Whom to Avoid? 4. On What Differentiation Strength to Compete? 5. On What Competitive Advantages will the Fight be based? 6. What are the Resources? 7. 1. Selecting the Target Market 2.

Positioning the Offer 3. Assembling the marketing Mix a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Mix has to be worked out for every brand Deciding the weight age for each P Marketing mix has to take its cue from customers/markets Marketing mix cannot be staticWe have our presence covering the entire span of India.. We command a 60% market share of the organized market. Overwhelming popularity of ‘Visible’ & the fact that we pioneered bottled water in India, has made us synonymous to Mineral water & a household name. When you think of bottled water, you think Visible.

We at Visible value our customers & therefore have developed 8 unique pack sizes to suit the need of every individual. We are present in mall cups, mall bottles, mall, IL, 1 . AL, and AL which are the non-returnable packs & AL, ALL which re the returnable packs.

Till date the Indian consumer has been offered Visible water, however in our effort to bring to you something refreshingly new, we have introduced Visible Natural Mountain Water – water brought to you from the foothills of the mountains situated in Whimsical Pradesh. It is our commitment to offer every Indian pure & clean drinking water. Visible Water is put through multiple stages of purification, simonized & finally packed for consumption.. Rigorous R & stringent quality controls has made us a market leader in the bottled water segment. Strict hygiene conditions are maintained in all plants.In our endeavor to maintain strict quality controls each unit purchases performs & caps only from approved vendors.

We produce our own bottles in-house. We have recently procured the latest world class state of the art machineries that put us at par with International standards. Material wastage & doubled production capacity. You can be rest assured that you are drinking safe & pure water when you consume Visible. Visible is free of impurities & 100% safe. Enjoy the sweet taste of purity: OPERATION OF VISIBLE The Visible bottled water range comprises the conventional 500 ml, one liter, 1.

Liters and two liters bottles; five liters and 20 liters Jars for the home segment, and smaller packs sizes of 250 ml cups and 330 ml bottles, though in very limited numbers for now. Among all pack sizes the brand straddles, it is the one-liters non-returnable bottles priced at RSI 10 each, and the 20-liter Jars for RSI 40 aimed at the home segment that are Beguiler’s bestsellers at present. While the 20-liter Jar comprises about 40 per cent of overall Visible sales, the one-liter bottles account for approximately 25 per cent brand sales.The main source of water is bore wells from where they get thee water.

Then the raw materials required for the bottle is PET I. E. Poly ethylene transplantable.

There are 250 workers working in Iambi and 3000 all over India. The production process adopted by Visible is batch production. The time taken to fill one bottle is approximately 5 minutes. The workers work in 3 shifts which comprises of 60-70 workers per shift.

The maintenance of the machines is done every month and every 45 days there is sanitation and cleaning of the machine.


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