Martha’s Relationship with Rashid Sample Essay

Martha’s connexion to Rashid was really strong. Martha and Rashid were merrily married and really much in love with each other. Martha and Rashid have two kids named Tony who is 15. and Marie who is 13 both born in Canada. Martha was born in Ontario but moved to British Columbia when she married Rashid. Martha met Rashid during her high school old ages. Martha and Rashid were married in a Roman Catholic Church. However Rashid was from a different spiritual position. which was of Moslem Faith. After the Roman Catholic matrimony. Martha agreed to get married Rashid in Pakistan every bit good and had a Moslem Ceremony. After matrimony Martha and Rashid tried to hold babes but it was improbably difficult for Martha to acquire pregnant. Finally Martha eventually became pregnant at the age of 28 and gave birth to her first born. Tony. Two old ages subsequently she became pregnant once more and gave birth to her 2nd kid. Marie. Martha stated that. “Her hubby was a loving. caring adult male. who ever made certain she was taken attention of. ” With this being said it is obvious that the relationship was healthy and normal and that there was a strong connexion between the two.

Martha’s Relationship with Tony
Martha and Tony relationship is tense. Tony is angry with his female parent for several grounds. Tony is highly angry towards Martha because of the captivity and the shame that she brought upon their household. Tony is embarrassed that his female parent is in prison for trafficking drugs. In Tony’s sentiment they should hold kept her captivity a secret and that him and his sister Marie could of helped to hold their female parent release. However. intelligence got out about Tony’s female parent and Tony got into a fisticuffs because of the atrocious comments made towards his female parent at school. Another ground why Tony has a tense relationship with his female parent is because she gave her parental rights to Federico Quintana to watch over him and his sister piece is she in prison. One other ground why this relationship is tense is because Martha is besides angry with her boy because he did non state her that Federico wasn’t populating with them in the family and made her believe that Federico was populating in the place all along.

Martha’s relationship to her Daughter
Martha and Marie’s relationship is tense. Marie is angry with her female parent for the same grounds Tony is. Marie believed that her female parents captivity should hold been kept a secret and that her and her brother Tony would of helped her get released from prison. Marie is highly devastated by the apprehension of her female parent. Marie feels abandoned by her female parent because of being arrested. In add-on. Marie is concerned that what her female parent did will destroy their household wholly. Marie is besides discerning because she might stop up in Foster attention and that she will ne’er acquire to see her female parent or her brother once more because of what Martha’s captivity for trafficking drugs.

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Martha’s relationship to Frederico
In the beginning of this relationship the connexion between Martha and Federico was strong since she gave Federico care over her kids until Martha gets out of prison. Unfortunately. the connexion is now tense due to the fact that Martha found out that Federico was non in fact life in the same house as her kids as she thought to be. Martha is highly angry with Federico and Tony for doing her believe that he was watching and populating with her kids. Martha had found out that the two childs were populating unsupervised because of the legion sums of absences and worsening classs of her kids. The Ministry of Children and Family Development had noticed these forms of attending and classs. This is when they began to convey attending to the state of affairs. Marie had besides confirmed to the school societal worker about her current life state of affairs. and admitted that her female parent was in fact in prison.

Martha’s relationship to her ma ( Carmen )
Martha’s connexion with Carmen appears to be weak. Carmen can non assist Martha take attention of Tony and Marie because Carmen is already taking attention of other grandchildren while Martha’s sister is at work. Unfortunately it would be impossible for Carmen to assist Martha even merely a small spot because the remainder of Martha’s household still reside near Hamilton. Ontario. The connexion between Carmen and Martha is weak due to the fact that they live far off from one another. Martha’s Relationship to her male parent ( Anthony )

Martha’s connexion with Anthony her male parent is weak because he every bit good lives in Hamilton. Ontario and it is reasonably much impossible for him to assist care for Martha’s kids because they live far off from each other. On another note. Anthony had planned to retire as a janitor of a big bank nevertheless a sudden alteration of program occurred.


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