Martial Law Essay

Martial Law “The threat of a communist takeover loomed. The increasing number of rallies and demonstrations, communist atrocities, bombings and bomb threats became more confusing. In September 1972, then Defence Minister Juan Ponce Enrile was reportedly ambushed by communists while in his car, killing his driver but leaving him unscathed. The assassination attempt (which was later revealed as staged by the government), along with the growing threat of the New People’s Army and citizen unrest, gave Marcos enough reason to declare martial law on September 21, 1972 by virtue of Proclamation No. 1081. ” http://en. wikipedia.

rg/wiki/Martial_law_in_the_PhilippinesReaction: Though it was enacted many years ago before I came into being, Martial Law has never been new to me. By reading history notes and watching clips of the past, movies and plays, I have known what the law really is, its purpose, its consequences, and its effect to the Filipino people at that time. As stated above, the Philippines was experiencing societal disarray and here came the Martial Law to lessen it. Stressing the need for extra powers to quell the rising wave of violence allegedly caused by communists, I, at first, believed that Martial Law was really for the nation that time.

The declaration issued under Proclamation 1081 suspended the civil rights and imposed military authority in the country. By doing such, the government prevented civil unrest such as civil wars which is a threat in unravelling a peaceful and productive society. Most Filipinos–or at least those well positioned within the economic and social elites–initially supported the imposition of martial law since the rising tide of violence and lawlessness was apparent to everyone.However, as the time moved past, the effect of Martial Law seemed to be violent to most of the citizens. As what I have read, a new constitution has been formed, yet lacks from provisions of social justice and human rights, still pursued for Marcos’ selfish desires. Marcos wants no oppositions.

Persons who are against him are arrested, put to jail and in worst cases, persecuted. The media is also controlled as to show only favourable news about the government. A new form of economy was also formed, the ‘crony capitalism’.Major businesses over the country was controlled by some few elites, which includes relatives and some close friends of the first family. At first the country is showing a good picture of the sudden change of system, with a stable economy and business confidence, but later revealed its dark side, as corruption has been very rampant and human rights are continually and evidently being violated. And all of these ruined my good impression about the said law. In history, it stated that the enactment of martial law was the darkest period of the entire Philippines, and I totally agree to it.

The Filipinos lost their rights to democracy, to normal living, and to peaceful society. Martial Law was good in the sense that it prevents chaos but as it confiscates the rights of the Filipinos, it became malevolent. Martial Law had, at first, a good purpose, but the purpose soon became selfish and evil. Martial Law imposition is one of the rights of the country leaders but it is not in their rights to use it against people for their own good. Martial Law was good but the person who imposed it wasn’t.He thought of the law not for the Philippines but for himself triggering such measures in order to cater to selfish and corrupt desires to remain in power. Yes, this was true; many believed this was true. He just used Martial Law to prolong his term and to increase power.

These are the reasons why people’s power came into existence. If only it had done its real purpose, Martial law could have been successful. If only Marcos wasn’t carried by his selfishness, he could not have been impeached from his position.In the end, my transference from being “pro” to “anti” martial law is very evident. This for the reason that I found the purpose of the law reasonable at first but as it had bad effects to people especially in their rights, my good impression about it was ruined.

About President Marcos, selfishness covered him making him evil in the eyes of many; however, he has been a good president in some ways. It’s just that, enactment of Martial Law masked his goodness and all the good things he had done for the country was marked insignificant.


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