Mass- Sionil Jose Essay

In late November, Betsy has just returned from Bacolod, and she was going to new york the next day.

Then they made an agreement that they will write each other a letter often. She also give pepe a copy of his father’s book with inscription: To my future husband-whose past, present, and future, I hope, may also be mine, she also told him to read the last chapter. Then she drew out from her bag a ring for her and pepe. Which had a included a date of when they did the first time.From there, they said goodbye to each other. On the day before the Misa de Gallo started, Juan Puneta came to tondo to see pepe. He then invited pepe to his house, to teach him target shooting. Someone called Puneta on the phone, but what he doesnn’t know is that Pepe was on the other line listening to their conversation.

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Good thing that pepe had learned Spanish from father jess and tia nena, because puneta and the man are talking in Spanish.Then he found out that Juan Puneta was the leader behind the shooting at the demo and even the killing of ka lucio, the ex-huk commander, and he is planning more evil works to the brotherhood. And from pepe’s anger, while shooting, he aimed the gun to puneta then shoot him.

He then leave the gun to puneta’s hand, wiping off his finger prints. He even take some money and jewelries. Back at tondo, he confessed what he confessed to father jess what he did. He wanted to star h new beginning back in Cabugawan.

Leaving a letter for betsy saying that one day he will find her.


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